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Yes to:

Ibushi vs Ospreay - WK13 **** 1/2
Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White **** (good match, White dumped Okada on his head pretty nasty with the second Rainmaker counter. It's still like watching Cody get this type of push, it isn't right because he's simply not that good.)

No to:

-GOD vs LIJ vs Bucks ***
-Gauntlet - WK13 ** 3/4
-Ishii vs ZSJ - WK13 *** 3/4
-LIJ vs Suzuki-Gun vs R3K - WK13 *** 1/2
-Cody vs Juice Robinson - WK13 ** 1/2 (Meh, Juice did what he could, can believe how limited Cody is.)
-Taiji Ishimori vs KUSHIDA - WK13 *** 3/4 (I really liked this match, if it just would have had a couple more minutes for a bigger finishing sequence I would have went to 4 stars. I really want to give it 4 stars, but it's just missing the big climax.)

Will update this post when I rewatch the full card again, I got to perturbed about halfway through the show to rate anything else.
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Bottom to top! (Card order)

Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi - ***3/4. A hair short of a classic. Awesome moments tapered around, with a few goofy ones as can be expected. Doing the spot they first did on the Christmas shows was a flaw, would've been better saved for here. But brutally enjoyable.

Junior Trio Tag Titles - **1/2. Shingo rag-dolling Sho makes up the numbers.

ZSJ vs Tomohiro Ishii - ***. It'sssssss a disappointmentt compared to what they can deliver. Felt like an ROH title replacement match.

Heavyweight Titles - **1/2. This would've been superb if they got 5 extra minutes. A common theme of the show, everything but the final two matches needed five extra minutes.

Cody vs Juice - *1/2. Juice had done really good work when he isn't be taped down with gimmicks. Here, he had to sell Brandi, with Cody putting in a performance from someone working things out in the back of his head. This was as disappointing as a night with Brandi (which of course would be my fault).

Taiji Ishimori vs KUSHIDA - ***. This needed 5 more minutes. Taiji's offence has been a bit weak outside of his incredible match with Hiromu. He's lacking a certain something which is sad because we know it's there somewhere. But the entrance makes this super memorable. Gimme Taguchi vs Ishimori.

Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White - ***3/4. I loved the finish. So fluid, very well executed and they kept it short so we didn't see Okada work himself into a web. Many positives, IMO.

Chris Jericho vs Tetsuya Naito - ****. Jericho pulled a great performance out. Naito did some magic, though. Still a bit of the action was flimsy but a rough and tough affair with some memorable spots and sounds.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenny Omega - ****3/4. A borderline 5. A phenomenal performance from Omega with Tanahashi killing himself several times. If they had animosity, they did a tremendous job allowing each other to tell their stories. No qualms with the match aside from Omega not always comitting to selling the knee.

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WK13 was the worst FULL Tokyo Dome show I've watched, but there were a couple of bangers for sure:

Jericho vs. Naito - ***1/2

“HEY CHONO, YOU LIKE THAT SHIT?” - when Jericho said that, I knew we were in for a banger tbh. Naito’s bumping was on top form to say the least - that one he took when Jericho gave him the DDT on top of the announcer table was absolutely sick. Jericho delivered a fun beatdown, and Naito’s comebacks ruled - he was very much on point w/ his work over Jericho's neck, as almost every move he dished out was targeted towards it. Him playing BASEBALL with the kendo stick was fun too & the kendo stick shots overall were pretty damn brutal in this one. Couple of very good nearfalls also.

Tanahashi vs. Omega - ***3/4

This was pretty damn great apart from one thing - the selling. Kenny did the typical NJPW main event selling where he holds his leg a bit & then he can run full speed to deliver his knees and everything. Tana also didn't sell the back too much, but I'd say overall the positives overwhelm the negatives; the drama was great, I totally got sucked into the battle of ideologies story they told, and I loved Kenny's heel work throughout. His over the top facial expressions, and cockiness has annoyed me in his big matches as a babyface, but it works SO well when he's a heel. Such a flamboyant prick. His striking also looked some of the best it ever has - loved those slap combos he delivered. On par w/ the last two Dome main events (Naito/Okada, Omega/Okada) & the best match of the night. The selling is what prevents it from being a 4*+ one.

Rest of the ratings:

Bill/Ibushi - ***
Ishii/ZSJ - ***
Both 3-way tags - *1/2
KUSHIDA/Ishimori - *1/2
Cody/Juice - *1/2
White/Okada - *1/4

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YES to

Ospreay/Ibushi ****1/2
Omega/Tanahashi ****1/2

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No to everything on Wrestle Kingdom:

Ratings (Best To Worst):
White/Okada: ***3/4
Omega/Tana: ***1/2
Ibushi/Ospreay: ***1/2
KUSH/Ishimori: ***1/4
Naito/Jericho: ***
ZSJ vs Ishii: **3/4
HW 3 Way: **
Jr 3 Way: **
Cody/Juice: *

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CODY vs JUICE 1/2*

Congrats to CODY for breaking his 3 * streak with this piece of shit, poor Juice got dragged into the mud and did nothing to clean it up.

KOTA Ibushi vs Will Osprey ***3/4
:fuckyeah Two insane people go out and have a banger of a match without dying or doing anything stupid, well almost nothing stupid, because KOTA deciding it was a good idea to smack his nose off the ring post is pretty dumb, but not as dumb as letting Ostrich elbow him in the back of the fucking head :andre BUT, they wouldn't be who they are without crazy risks, and we wouldn't want them any other way. Everyone watch this.

Ishii vs ZSJ ****
:eek:wens3 This is my jam, folks. Gross Ishii shots and amazing facial expressions, and Sabre twisting a motherfucker into positions the human body isn't meant to go in. DAT OCTOPUS :andre

Jay "Knife Pervert" White vs :eek:kada ***1/2
OKADA'S BACK BITCHES, but even he can't stop the knife freak on this night. I had a feeling Gedo was going to swerve us but I still had my doubts because, well, Okada is Okada, and he doesn't lose, but on this night Gedo said "fuck that" Jay was wonderful throughout, and Okada was his usual amazing self. Rematch, please.

:naito vs Chris "hide you kids, folks, because John Wayne Gacy is my hero" Jericho ***1/2
Give Cool Dad a shit ton of smoke and mirrors, and an opponent who is willing to kill himself to make this work, and you get a really fun match. Jericho needs to go away forever, but if this is it :)lmao) it would be the perfect way to go out.

:eek:mega vs Tanahashi ****1/2
Well, this was perfect. Omega toned down the goofy shit for the night, and reminded everyone why he's wanted by every promotion in the world. ACE was ACE :banderas perfect as always. That table bump was fucking ludicrous, and for his own health he should never do it again. Final run was fantastic, and actually ended right when it should have :monkey I screamed "YEAH" when Tana won :proud just a special moment.

I don't think Kenny is done because he didn't hit OWA, and that feels like as message that a rematch is in order. Next few weeks will tell us what we need to know.

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NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13:

YES to Kota Ibushi (c) vs Will Ospreay - NEVER Openweight Championship - ****1/4
YES to Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs Zack Sabre Jr. - RevPro British Heavyweight Championship - ****
NO to Guerillas of Destiny (c) vs EVIL and SANADA vs The Young Bucks - ***3/4
YES to KUSHIDA (c) vs Taiji Ishimori - IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship - ****
NO to Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White - ***3/4
YES to Chris Jericho (c) vs Tetsuya Naito - IWGP Intercontinental Championship No DQ - ****1/2
YES to Kenny Omega (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi - IWGP Heavyweight Championship - *****

I think the high expectations for the show left a lot of people underwhelmed with the matches, including me, I was expecting bangers from Ibushi/Ospreay, Ishii/ZSJ, Okada/White and KUSHIDA/Ishimori but they were all a bit lacklustre given the hype. But still the only bad match on the card was Juice/Cody everything else was enjoyable and the last two matches were just amazing. Especially the main event was great with how they played of the story going into the match, just amazing.

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Hello ladies :x

Wrestle Kingdom 13

Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi ***1/4 - No
Jr. Triple threat tag **
Sabre vs Ishii **** - No but highly recommended
HW Triple Tag **3/4
Juice vs Cody **
Ishimori vs Kushida **3/4
White vs Okada ***3/4 - No but recommended
Naito vs Jericho ****
Tanahashi vs Omega ****1/4 - No but highly recommended
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My first YES of the year :woo :woo

DDT Live! Maji Manji Super - New Year Special! All Seats 2000 Yen Show 03/01

Yes To: Strong Hearts (CIMA, Duan Yingnan & T-Hawk) vs. ALL OUT (Akito, Konosuke Takeshita & Yuki Ino) ****

Really good match. Strong Hearts doing what they do best, have great multi-man matches. That mixed with great wrestlers like Akito and Konosuke Takeshita (along with a promising star in Yuki Ino). The tag team wrestling was off the charts, smooth wrestling and great pacing. CIMA putting over Takeshita at the end was awesome too. Shame we never got more Akito vs CIMA interactions; that could've been special.

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YES Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi ****1/4 NEVER Openweight

No to the following
Roppongi 3K vs Shingo & Bushi vs El Desperado & Kanemaru **1/2 IWGP Jr Heavyweight
Zack Sabre Jr vs Tomohiro Ishii *** Rev Pro British Heavyweight
The Young Bucks vs SANADA & EVIL vs G.O.D *** IWGP Heavyweight Tag
Juice Robinson vs Cody Rhodes *** IWGP US Title
Taiji Ishimori vs KUSHIDA ***1/2 IWGP Jr Heavyweight
Jay White vs Kazuchika Okada ****
(though I was being a bit harsh on some of the matches but it looks like I'm Mr Positivity)

YES Tetsuya Naito vs Chris Jericho ****1/2 IWGP Intercontinental

YES Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenny Omega ****3/4 IWGP Heavyweight

An overall enjoyable show but with too many title matches for it's own good. New Japan are exiting their period of being shiny and exciting to westerners crawling out of the basement of despair that WWE trapped us in. Unfortunately western fans are............... shit and any reduction in quality, perceived or real, leads to fans souring on a company that is still very good. NJPW do need to build momentum again and start seriously pushing their mid card. Luckily an increase in the number of shows can be a real catalyst for this if guys holding the NEVER, IC, & tag titles are given main events and time.

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Wrestle Kingdom Ratings...

YES to Chris Jericho vs Tetsuya Naito - ****1/4
MOTN for me. Jericho's wrestling skill isn't as good as it was but his character work makes up for it. Jericho's character work in this match was great, really enjoy this side to him. Naito's performance in this was very solid, he made numerous moves look impactful, that DDT on the table was fucking awesome. Wanted a bit more violence tbh, I wanted more than just kendo sticks and chairs; however overall it was good but not quite great.

YES(just) to Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi - ****
I started watching Wrestle Kingdom events since Wrestle Kingdom 10, this is the most underwhelmed I've felt after watching a Wrestle Kingdom main event. There were certain moments in this match where I thought things could pick up and get great; however the match never did. I much preferred Tanahashi's performance in this match over Omega's, I was extremely disappointed by Omega's performance. After Tanahashi hit that dragon screw off the turnbuckle I thought here we go this is where it turns great, after that though Omega's selling was incredibly inconsistent and it was just V-Trigger after V-Trigger after V-Trigger to the point where it pissed me off. Overall good but not great.

NO to Zack Sabre Jr vs Tomohiro Ishii - ***1/2
I enjoyed it for what it was, I enjoyed ZSJ's work on Ishii's arm, Ishii as usual did a decent job selling; however they've produced better in the past.

NO to Kota Ibushi vs Will Ospreay - ***1/2
This match was a complete mixture, they produced some cool stuff, they produced some absolutely dumb stuff.

NO to Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White - ***
This match was extremely underwhelming. Their G1 match was way better than this one, Jay White looked great in their G1 match, he looked bang average in this one and did nothing of note. Best part was the finish, a nice out of nowhere shocking ending to what was an underwhelming match.

NO to Kushida vs Taiji Ishimori - **1/2
Kushida's entrance was the only real talking point from this. The match itself never really got going, out of the lower card matches this one felt the most rushed.

NO NO NO to Cody Rhodes vs Juice Robinson - *
Fucking Pathetic.

Overall thoughts
A very lacklustre Wrestle Kingdom, last two matches just about delivered, the rest felt very underwhelming.

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Naito vs Jericho-****1/4

While of course it was some smoke and mirrors, it was done in the best way possible. The beginning and finishing stretches were both fantastic and the middle held it together well enough. Jericho still has it after 25 years and his transformation is incredible.

Omega vs Tanahashi-****3/4

A clash of ideologies and styles that felt epic and at the same time just quite didn't have enough for the full 5*. I think the ebb and flow was a little off at times and the finishing stretch just didn't quite build as well as it could have. But really this match had a little bit of everything and Tana took some sick bumps and continues to remain ageless. Kenny was his usual great self but I have to say I just got the sense that he knew he was done after this and you could feel that a little bit. Great match but defnitely below the most of his matches with Naito, Ishii, and Okada.

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Yes to:

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13: Will Ospreay vs. Kota Ibushi

Took awhile to get going but it was brutal and a lot of fun when it did.

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13: Tetsuya Naito vs. Chris Jericho

A fun match with a lot of call backs and fun moments. A good role reversal for Naito and hopefully the beginning of a new journey for Naito.

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kenny Omega

A great match of ups and downs and a lot of drama and uncertainty.

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Ibushi vs Ospreay ***1/2 NO
Suzuki-gun vs LIJ vs R3K ** NO
Ishii vs ZSJ ***1/2 NO
GOD vs LIJ vs Young Bucks **3/4 NO
Cody vs Robinson *1/2 NO
KUSHIDA vs Ishimori ***1/4 NO
Okada vs White ***3/4 NO
Jericho vs Naito **** YES
Omega vs Tanahashi ****1/4 YES

Lets go to the old mill anyway, get some cider!
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Ibushi vs Ospreay-****1/2

Fantastic match, anyone just classifying these guys into any kind of flips category isn't paying real attention. This was hard hitting,creative, and it had a near perfect flow. Honestly the only real negative is the finish seemed rushed cause Ibushi was legit hurt or atleast altered to some degree. But this was awesome.

ZSJ vs Ishii-****1/4

These 2 always have great chemistry and this was no different. One of my favorite ZSJ performances as he was just so smooth and really went outside of his box alot here. This was 12 minutes of great execution and such a smart match.

Kushida vs Ishimori-***3/4

Really solid match that did fall a little short of my expectations. They worked hard and wrestled a textbook match but it just never got all the way there. I like Ishimori as champ and hopefully we get some fresh matchups out of his reign.

Still haven't finished the whole show but I am not seeing any kind of letdown so far. Cody/Juice was a stinker and the tag title match fell short too but I've got 4 great matches already and I still have to watch Okada/White.

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Wait did 3 star general Cody actually fall short of his standards :lmao
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WrestleKingdom 13:

Kota Ibushi (c) v. Will Ospreay - **** (YES)
Tomohiro Ishii (c) v. Zack Sabre Jr. - **** + (YES)
Chris Jericho (c) v. Tetsuya Naito - **** 1/4 (YES)
Kenny Omega (c) v. Hiroshi Tanahashi - **** 1/2 (YES)

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Wrestle Kingdom 13 was in my eyes about on par overall with last year's show. I really thought the show was great, although the biggest issue I noticed was that it felt rushed at times, and a bunch of matches could have used more time. Seems like that will be taken care of next year though.

NO to Gauntlet Match for #1 Contender for 6 Man Tag Titles - **3/4

YES to Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi

One of the better PPV openers I’ve seen in a long time. This was an ultra athletic, explosive match full of amazing sequences and spots, and even some nice callbacks (the spot where Ospreay countered Ibushi’s middle rope german was tremendous, calling back to the tag match on that road to show). Loved some of the hard strikes they gave one each other, especially the nod to Nakamura when Ibushi just leveled Ospreay with a boma ye. They were even throughout the match, and it was interesting to watch Ibushi face somebody who held him in high regard almost as a role model, given how not too long ago he faced Tanahashi at the G1 as the student versus mentor.

Hopefully Ibushi is alright though, I heard he got a concussion, and it felt like it was that spot where he accidently hit his chin on the ringpost. Either that or the elbow, but I doubt that would be it.


NO to Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) vs LIJ (BUSHI and Shingo Takagi) vs El Desperado Yoshinobu Kanemaru

This obviously was hurt thanks to the lack of time, but it was still a wild fun sprint regardless. Loved the interactions that SHO and Shingo had, crowd obviously did too given their reaction, and I hope both of them get a chance to get a singles match at the BOTSJ this year.


YES to Tomohiro Ishii vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Literally, these two are incapable of having a bad match. Sabre controlled most of this bout, going after Ishii’s right arm like a hawk, which prevented Ishii from being on top of his game given that’s his main arm for striking. Ishii sold tremendously as always, but in true Ishii fashion, he still came back, fighting through the pain to hit some of his bigger moves. This felt similar to their match in the US title tournament given the length, but was just as great, and their chemistry is nothing sort of outstanding. Shame my stone pitbull didn’t win though.


NO to The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) vs LIJ (EVIL and SANADA) vs Guerillas of Destiny (Tame Tonga and Tanga Loa)

This followed the other tag match in a similar style, starting as a normal match before devolving into a completely chaotic spotfest. It was fun and all, but almost confusing at points with just ten thousand things happening all at once. I did love SANADA getting a great hot tag and time to shine, I hope they give him a ton this year, fans clearly responded to him the most in this match.


NO to Cody vs Juice Robinson

I didn’t care for this much at all, it felt disjointed at times, and they didn’t really click. It almost felt like the match was mostly finisher attempts and Brandi getting in the way. Also, why have Cody win it at all if he’s just gonna drop it that quickly, seems kinda pointless when you could have just kept it on him the entire time. At least he looked as charismatic as ever here and looked good during the match, but Cody was just shit.


NO to Taiji Ishimori vs KUSHIDA

This felt like the Ibushi/Ospreay opener in style, although less explosive and oddly muted compared to the Jr. HW title matches from the last few years. This honestly was a good match, both guys athletically were really impressive, and there were some nice spots and sections of the match, but this also felt like a disappointment given the kind of match I think these two could have, given the quality of matches they’ve had with so many. Ishimori winning is nice though, we’ll see how he does with the title.


YES to Jay White vs Kazuchika Okada

I really liked the story they told here. We got Okada coming out as the original rainmaker again, wearing his signature trunks, and actually looking brighter and more like the Okada of old than he has since he lost the title. Given the grief White and Gedo gave him for months now, this story felt like the redemption and revenge of Okada where he finally starts working his way back to the title.

The match itself was very good also. White was cocky, yet smart, aided by Gedo in clever interference tactics, while Okada relied on his tricks of old, with the fans eating it up. It was paced really well, building and building till the last few minutes full of great counters and then White won almost out of nowhere, which shocked the hell out of me. He got a ton of heat throughout, and even more with that finish, and now has a clean win over Rainmaker Okada, so this push is very real and incredibly large. I’m curious where both of them go from here.

Still, this was one of the weakest big time Okada matches I can remember in forever.


YES to Tetsuya Naito vs Chris Jericho

Right off the bat, Naito was actually NOT tranquillo for once in a big match. Instead, he was angry and pissed off, attacking Jericho even before the bell, leading to a brawl which Jericho dominated for awhile, including a sick DDT on top of a table that stood Naito up like a top. The entire match however felt like Naito learning to work the match Jericho wanted, and getting the revenge on Jericho he desired.

The match itself was just a really fun street fight with a ton of weapons used, and in a way resembled last year’s match Jericho had with Omega, only I think everybody was way more into Naito as the underdog here than Omega, and the match itself was more refined. Jericho is money as this alpha heel character, the crowd loves to hate him, and he was a dick the entire match. The best parts I think were when Naito started playing Jericho’s game, giving Jericho baseball swings with the kendo stick, using chairs to his advantage, or even going full Yano with the turnbuckle. His work targeted Jericho’s neck exclusively, and everything felt more purposeful. The near falls were done really well too, and the crowd was really into the majority of this.

Overall really fun brawl of a match that had Naito looking better than he has in months, and I wonder what he does with the IC Title.


YES to Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenny Omega

Well, they definitely went for the drama route. They told the story depicted in the promos leading up to this match, as the animosity between them remained given the early slaps to one another. However, it was Omega who controlled a vast majority of the first half of the match, focusing on Tana’s back as he gave a ton of stiff kicks to it. There was a great example of their philosophies when Omega went to setup the table, while Tanahashi completely ignored it initially and just put Omega back in the ring. It would bit Tanahashi in the ass to deviate from that, as the one occasion where he went Omega’s route he crashed and burned hard as he missed a high fly flow through the table.

As the match went on, Omega began to control less and less, as Tanahashi slowly worked in his signature moves, and also began working on Omega’s knee, a critical point that allowed him to make his way back into the match fully. The funny thing is Omega actually almost had a change of heart the longer it went to, refusing to take a count out and rolling Tanahashi back into the ring multiple times.

In the end though, it was a simple, effective story of the veteran in Tanahashi and the newer blood in Omega who thought that Tanahashi simply couldn’t hang anymore. They had a damn war over 30 minutes, and it does bear interest in that the one winged angel wasn’t hit once in the match, similar to the first Okada/Omega bout. Tanahashi though came out on top, completing the story he had told since the beginning of the G1, and the night ends on a highest of notes. A terrific, excellent match all around.

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