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Probably social media and how much of a mistake it's becoming
it's not a mistake, as with anything there are going to be pros and cons. the generations before us said the same thing about television. they were certain it was going to rot our brains. who knows maybe they were right.

for the most part social media has done a lot of good and in some ways has brought us all closer together. again in some ways.

the problem is it's still so new to us and we weren't fully prepared for it. in the past no one was concerned with the inner ramblings of the everyday person because there wasn't a platform for it. in reality nothing being said or preached on social media is important. it's a low, low form of communication. we need to treat it as such.

i feel like half the news media is just reporting what's being said on twitter. that's not news. there's literally nothing that newsworthy happening on twitter, even if it involves a person of interest.

the inner ramblings of a person isn't news. twitter culture is mostly made up of lowlives and attention seekers.

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Justin Bieber, Drake, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, autotune, dubstep, mumble rap, a trend towards indie music and indie acts in general

Movies & TV:

Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, Fast & Furious series, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Joker, more reality tv drivel, endless (and often unnecessary) reboots & remakes, Glee

Video games:

Open world games, DLC, endless grinding, microtransactions, gaming being mainstream


  • Endless mass shootings in the US, subsequent desensitization, and the inability/reluctance of Congress to do anything about it
  • Numerous protests & movements (Occupy Wall Street, gun control, Black Lives Matter, climate change, women`s march, MeToo, DAPL, Arab Spring, etc)
  • Trump and the rise of both left wing and right wing populism worldwide
  • Brexit
  • Fukushima earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster
  • Cancel culture
  • Tinder
  • Social media becoming more entrenched in life, along with a pushback against certain sites (i.e Facebook)
  • Memes
  • Wikileaks
61 - 62 of 62 Posts