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Here is the link to the first part of this story if you hav'nt read it yet:

Once again if you like the story I would appreciate some comments or suggestions if you wanna post them. And if you really like the story you can add to my rep!

As the memories of last night’s actions of Eric Bischoff and his WCW cohorts echoed throughout the minds of wrestling fans all around the world, these same fans patiently waited for the April 2nd episode of Raw Is War which was sure to answer a lot of questions. When it stuck 8pm, a video package of Wrestlemania X-Seven streamed across the airwaves of TNN. The video showed highlights of all the matches previous to the main event. But the Rock vs. Austin match was showed in its entirety. There were no edits, there were no cuts, this showed the entire match and its controversial outcome. As the image of Eric Bischoff leaving through the crowd faded to black, Vince McMahon appeared sitting at his desk in his office in Greenwich, Connecticut. He delivered an earth-shattering announcement that left more questions to be asked.

“Hello, I would like to start off by thanking all of our WWF fans who have stayed loyal to this great company and without you there would be no WWF. As most of you know, last night’s Wrestlemania 17 will surely go down in wrestling history as an event that changed everything. Last night, the part-owner of WCW Eric Bischoff and WCW talent secretly entered the Reliant Astrodome, attacked me from behind, stampeded into a WWF ring, brutally attacked our two top WWF superstars and made a declaration of war. As chairman of the WWF, I speak for the whole company when I say, that this is unprofessional, unwanted, and unnecessary. We of course do not accept this declaration because, as the dominant wrestling company, we could wipe out all of WCW in one fellow swoop. But we will not because we do not sink that low. In conclusion, Eric Bischoff, you can whine and moan all you want about how your “Raslin’ Show” is the best one out there today and that the WWF is weak. But Eric, do not mess with the WWF, and certainly do not mess with Vince McMahon. Also I apologize about the cancellation of tonight’s Raw Is War and this week’s Smackdown!, but live this Thursday, there will be a mandatory meeting at WWF headquarters from 8-9pm for all WWF talent and staff that will be televised on the UPN network. Also, next week’s episode of Raw Is War will be televised live on the USA network. Thank you and remember, do not mess with the WWF.”

Mr. McMahon’s comment might have made the situation even more confusing. But all of the questions would be answered at the meeting at WWF headquarters.
The meeting started with a music video of the History of the WWF that, from then on, was played before every WWF event to remind the fans of the long and successful history of the World Wrestling Federation. When the clip was done, Jim Ross came out and delivered a few words about his time in the WWF and WCW and that the WWF was by far the most dominant wrestling company that there ever will be and no body can change that. Vince McMahon then came out to the podium in front of the WWF talent and staff as well as millions of viewers. At first sight of McMahon, everyone in the crowd of superstars bombarded Vince by yelling questions at him. “Settle down, settle down damn it!” said Vince furiously. “I know that you’re all angry about what happened at Wrestlemania, but we need to continue with our normal schedule as if nothing had happened.”
The Undertaker stood up. “Are we just gonna sit this one out without a fight?!”
“Certainly you all can and will, but my team of lawyers and I will fight WCW to its death in court!”
“Damn it Vince, we didn’t become the most dominant wrestling company ever from settling things in court, but by taking it out in the ring!”
All the wrestlers stood up and supported ‘Taker and once again shouted comments at Mr. McMahon.
Vince began again, “There is too much to lose, we can’t risk it. We need to sit this one ou-”
A fire alarm went off. Even though all the wrestlers and staff were still furious and disgusted with Vince’s decisions they had to leave the building. Still angry, everyone piled out of the crowded room and began to segregate down the hallway. At one point you could hear The Rock yell, “We don’t need this Vince!” Then Mr. McMahon yelled, “Shut up, all of you, we’ll settle this later. I don’t want this to be the death of me so move your asses and get the hell out of this building!” Everyone quieted down a little bit as they neared the doors. When they all got outside the doors behind them were slammed shut. Immediately, WCW wrestlers came out of know where and attacked everyone associated with the WWF. It didn’t matter if they were a wrestler, road agent, announcer or referee, they were beaten down. It was a decisive and well planned attack. As the brawl broke out, a limo was seen behind where all the WCW wrestlers were. Out from the moon roof popped the familiar face of Eric Bischoff , megaphone in hand. “Vince, this is war. Your not gonna wimp out on us now are you? Either way, you can’t win. You cannot beat WCW! We are the dominant force in wrestling! We always have been, we always will be! Oh and by the way, don’t forget to watch Nitro this Monday on TNT!” The limo drove away quickly.

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Like everyone has said, keep it in the same thread. I like this, please keep this invasion going.
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