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Yes I know this topic has been discussed before, and if the mods deem it necessary you can close this thread, but WWE has to many titles currently, and more over most of the titles are being contested for in meaningless fueds. Is the US title even being used in a fued?

Right now the WHC is basically the equivalent of the IC title in the attitude era. Strap it. Strap the US title, it serves no purpose other than being another belt. Leave the WWE title (the main title), the IC title (midcard belt) the tag titles and the Divas belt. People talk about "prestige" of the current belts, but it's hard for a belt to have prestige when each belt has an equivalent. Lessen the amount of belts and the the remaining belts "prestige" will increase.

So what say you, are there too many belts, or do the current belts just need to be booked better?

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