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Its good to see the youth taking over in the WWE . I just hope they start using the titles, the tag team division has all but disappeared the U.S. almost never gets air the I.C. title is the only one that gets a little play and you dont see that much other than that its all WWE and World titles. I can understand pushing those more just because they are the big belts and they should be , but whats stopping them from using the others on air every week?
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It is good to see those things but why would you reference that waste of space R-Truth?
I didnt get that shit from R truth its more like he at some point spent some time in the south we have been saying that in conversation for a long minute and he was or should i say is trying to cash in on it. But on some real shit thanks for pointing that out I didnt have him in mind when I wrote it.thatswazup.
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