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Her deal was set to expire on 6/30, but it was pretty much made clear that Tessa wasn't coming so they terminated her deal. So she was fired, but either way it's a matter of a few days.

One day, Tessa will be in WWE or AEW. She's too talented not too. But in the wake of the speaking out movement and the fact there is still a pandemic going on, I wouldn't expect it to happen any time soon.
It's clear that her release was more to avoid a Jeff Jarrett type situation and it's more than likely that like Jeff Jarrett she has something either lined up or close to it with another company whoever that may be(Which I'm sure I made a point of saying earlier in this thread.)

I applaud the girl for allegedly trying to get more money out of them for working beyond her contracted term. I mean if you have leverage or even perceived leverage it's stupid to not try and use it to your advantage.

Like the Joker says "If you're good at something never do it for free."

Or how Dennis Rodman puts it "I'd play basketball for free but you're gonna pay me for the bullshit."

Quite frankly and this doesn't just pertain to Tessa Blanchard I think wrestling needs MORE people who aren't in it for the "good times". Or at least more people who don't publically say they are in it or the "good times" or the "love of the business".
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