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Ten things learned from Raw 8-20-12

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Here are 10 things learned from Raw:

10. Beating John Cena in a WWE title match is the only way CM Punk will earn respect. That being said apparently the other 3 times don't count.

9. Yes Brodus got his aftermath revenge on Sandow, however Brodus looked like he needed to take a massive shit while doing it.

8. Yeah Shawn clearly isn't coming back......In other news a certain deadman is pissed off about the rumor of Shawn vs HHH at Mania 29.

7. Chris Jericho is gone again.....that is until we get another cryptic video to break the code.....and of course someone will make it out to be Stings return.

6. Who will replace Chris Jericho?.......Swagger?.......Hawkins?.....nope just recaps and more recaps. Vince has no faith in his midcard and only relies on 6 people and recaps of the 6 people.

5. Nothing says "IM a Badass who deserves respect" more than kicking a 63 yr old man when his back is turned.

4. David Ortunga is back....problem is the wwe already has a super smart white guy. (Sandow)

3. In the ring Ryback is a terminator, a destroyer, a machine....a pure ass kicker! Outside the ring he loves to wear sweaters cuddle up with a hot cocoa in front of a fireplace and read See Spot Run. READ ME MORE....READ ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Without AW the Prime Time Players might as well be invisible.....In other news I think they had a match.

1. Daniel Bryan could be the next Kurt Angle.......too bad it wont happen cause Vince is an idiot and will eventually try Swagger push attempt #8 instead.

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SHIT, I thought we managed to avoid this thread this week when it didn't come out yesterday.
Hit and miss, once again.

10 and 7 are probably the best.
3 and 2 were pretty good. I've read worse.

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The Otunga one was pretty good.
I laughed at #4, you're getting better. But could you please lay off "in other news..." it's repetitive. Keep trying.
I laughed at the David Otunga one. It's not the best but it's alright.
Decent. I enjoy reading these every week, actually. You're one of the few users I recognize in my short time on the forum.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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