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ten things learned from raw 1001

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Here are 10 things learned from Raw 1001:

10. Why Recaps Why?!!!...Welcome to the new era of 3 hour Raws, 2 hours of new stuff and 1 hour of recaps from the week before. Next week look forward to an hour of recaps from raw 1001.

9. Daniel Bryan almost killed Little Jimmy.

8. Bon Jovi...er I mean Jericho is a face now.....for what reason is still unknown,....however Im sure there will be video viginetts for us to break the code and find out.

7. Big Show still is in the fucking main event.....I'm starting to think that the writers might think the Iron Clad Contract is real.

6. Damien Sandow vs Brodus Clay.....change we can believe in.

5. Heath Slater brought the old legends back to life only to get destroyed by the original legend killer.....So poetic.

4. Screw Orton vs Sheamus in a huge match for Summerslam!!!! I want ADR vs Sheamus for the 3rd ppv in a row.....oh wait...

3. Raw 1001: Presenting a new era of the same old shit.

2. Who the fuck was Dolph Zigglers partner....in other news Miz was there.

1. Finnally after several months the attention is on the WWE champion.....surely the writers are just getting prepared for Cena to win the title soon.
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^. Haha I'm sorry, are we supposed to look forward to this? I can tell you ten things I learned from RAW but nobody wants to hear it. I can post random pics from RAW but nobody wants to see them.
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