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ten things I learned from Raw 5-14-12

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Here are 10 things learned from Raw:

10. HHH indeed wasn't thinking about bringing legitmacy to the WWE when he was fighting Taker at mania......However the selfish bastard was probably thinking about how to politic his way to HHH VS Taker 4 at mania 29!!

9. HHH got served by Paul Heyman......oh thats right and some wierd short blond guy who tried to look tough staring into the Games eyes. Yes there was a third man in the ring during the segment......pause your TV.....look hard and you might be able to find him.

8. After Raw I was playing Brock Lesner on online Chess......as soon as I made my first move.....the bastard couldn't handle the pressure and quit.

7. CM Punk is straight edge.....he resists Drugs, Alcohol and apparenty pussy as well.

6. Message to Big Show: "There is no crying in wrestling"

5. To those who wondered why Lord Tensai wasn't on Raw tonight: After all the crying Big Show did.....he needed a diaper...so he took Tensais Karate man child diaper.

4. Now for the real reason Tensai wasn't on Raw: He sucks and gets no reaction......In other news there was a short blond man in the ring with Hayman giving HHH the evil eye....were you able to spot him?

3. First we get a crying Hippo in the ring.....then in a complete 180 we get that followed by a laughing dancing one....that's one fucked up script.

2. At 11:10 pm Big Show recieved a text from Evan Bourne: "OMG U JUST GOT FIRED....LOL....HAVE FUN BEING A WALMART GREETER"

1. Welcome back David Otunga!!!!!! Oh and Eve looked hot tonight....I'd Puck the hell out of her!
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Now that's a funny fucking list. Way to continue them into 2 exclusive sentences.

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Love your humour mate :)
I found myself laughing my ass off when Big Show was crying, because if I didn't, I would've smashed my TV. "No crying in wrestling" ...good fucking riddance. He cried every other week until this glorious day anyway.

Laurinaitis is one of the best heels I've seen in a long time, it's great television, and if they continue with this I'll be a very happy viewer !

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Triple H talks about Cena a lot as a hero, good for business

Big Show is going on a break

Michael Cole is not super annoying anymore

Dolph Ziggler needs to try harder backstage

Vickie Guererro is one of the best heels in the last decade

John Laurinitus is entertaining on the mic, but doesn't have Vince's gusto

Brock Lesnar is still freaking interesting to me

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are building a soon to be amazing feud old school - they're doing it very slow. Could be one of the best feuds ever.

Who misses an evening gown match?

Wrestling is mostly for kids now :(
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