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TDL Sports Division Title Match
Curry vs RetepAdam.

Should Sportsmen/Sportswomen be sanctioned by their Sport for actions away from their Sport?

PM Debates to [user]Poyser[/user]

TDL Wrestling Division Special Attraction Match
Seabs vs Headliner

If Steve Austin is available to wrestle at Wrestlemania 32, what match should he be in?

PM Debates to [user]Poyser[/user]

Magic vs Stax Classic
Which team has the best shot at beating Golden State Warriors in a Best of 7 Series, San Antonio Spurs or OKC Thunder?

PM Debates to [user]Curry[/user]

CGS vs JustJoel
The 2016 Royal Rumble Match being for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Better than being for the Wrestlemania Title shot?

PM Debates to [user]Kobe[/user]

Yoda vs GothicBohemian
Does gambling have a positive or negative effect on society?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

Rugrat vs sharkboy22
Who is the best option to win the 2016 Royal Rumble; Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar or Triple H?

PM Debates to [user]Kobe[/user]

Poyser vs Ricky Jerret
Did WWE make a mistake re-debuting Alberto Del Rio as a heel?

PM Debates to [user]KILL V. OXI[/user]

Devante Swing vs A-C-P vs Scott Hall's Ghost
Did WCW misuse Bret Hart during his run in the promotion?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

Vague Katti vs The Tempest vs undertakerfreak
Which performance is better, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight or Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

Which team has the best chance of winning the 2016 Superbowl?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

Mr Jay-LK vs stevefox1200
Should recreational marijuana usage be legal or not?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

  • Deadline for all debates is January 19th. Basically January 19th at ANY TIME BUT NO LATER THAN THE 19th YOUR TIME. If the person you're submitting to doesn't have your debate by the morning on the next day then you'll be considered a no-show even if you submit after this time. Any no shows WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT EXCLUSION FROM THE LEAGUE.
  • If you need to withdraw then please PM me and let us know.
  • In the event that someone pulls out we will replace them on the card with another user.
  • Please make sure you only submit your debate by PMing it to the intended recipient stated above. Don't post them anywhere on the forum. The debates will be forwarded onto the selected judging panel for your debate anonymously. When I post the results show you'll know what user posted each debate along with the judging panel for each debate.
  • For Special Attraction + Title Debates
    Minimum word count = 800, Maximum word count = 1000.
    For Everything Else
    Minimum word count = 600, Maximum word count = 800.
  • You are free to debate either side of an argument. Your choice.
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Apologies to the small handful of people that had to sit this card out. I tried to fit as many people on this card as possible without expanding it too far. Wanted to not leave off any new sign ups that haven't had a debate yet given the circumstances. Anyone not on this card will definitely be on the next one.

I'm still waiting on @sharkboy22 to confirm if he's on the card or not. If he doesn't answer by the end of the weekend then his spot will go to @Devante Swing.

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Great topic.

lectoryo usually makes some good points when he posts. (from what I've seen.) Not so sure about stevefox1200. Never heard of the user before.

Looking forward to it guys. Good luck!

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Excited to be back. Good luck to my opponents. Thanks as always to Seabs for the hardwork.
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