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The Lady Killer vs DDMac

Should Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak ever be broken by anyone?

PM Debates To [USER]Moyes' Hot Cross Buns[/USER]

TDL Wrestling Division Championship REMATCH
ZOMBO vs The Lady Killer

State your case who you think should be "Mr. WrestleMania" out of Shawn Michaels, Undertaker & Vince McMahon.

PM Debates To [USER]Andre[/USER]

TDL Sports Division Championship Match

Should football stadiums in England be allowed to have safe standing areas?

PM Debates To [USER]The Lady Killer[/USER]

Clique's "Retirement" Match
Clique vs Headliner

Has hip hop had a positive or negative effect on African Americans?

PM Debates To [USER]Moyes' Hot Cross Buns[/USER]

TDL Wrestling Division Non-Title MEGA Attraction Match
ZOMBO vs Evolution vs Seabs

Have WWE misused Brock Lesnar since his return in 2012?

PM Debates To [USER]Headliner[/USER]

TDL Social Division Championship Match
Anark vs SPCDRI vs Makaveli vs Hollywood Hanoi

Have talent shows like American Idol & X-Factor had a negative impact on the music industry?

PM Debates To [USER]Seabs[/USER]

Magic vs JM vs Notorious vs Aid180
Does Tanking in the NBA work?

PM Debates To [USER]Moyes' Hot Cross Buns[/USER]

BkB Hulk vs Rush vs ashes11
Should Chelsea make Thibaut Courtois their first choice Goalkeeper ahead of Petr Cech next season?

PM Debates To [USER]The Lady Killer[/USER]

Do WWE turn their top stars other than John Cena too frequently?

PM Debates To [USER]Moyes' Hot Cross Buns[/USER]

Elipses Corter vs WrestlingOracle vs RugbyRat vs TheGMofGods
Coming out of Wrestlemania, should Cesaro remain with Jack Swagger, split and remain heel or split and turn face?

PM Debates To [USER]Moyes' Hot Cross Buns[/USER]

Sinisterness vs AwShucks vs SideburnGuru vs Molfino
If the WWE Hall of Fame can only have 3 celebrity inductees then who should they be?

PM Debates To [USER]The Lady Killer[/USER]

  • Deadline for all debates is April 4th 16:00 GMT. Basically April 4th just after the time of this post. Any no shows WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT EXCLUSION FROM THE LEAGUE.
  • If you need to withdraw then please PM me and let us know.
  • In the event that someone pulls out we will replace them on the card with another user.
  • Please make sure you only submit your debate by PMing it to the intended recipient stated above. Don't post them anywhere on the forum. The debates will be forwarded onto the selected judging panel for your debate anonymously. When I post the results show you'll know what user posted each debate along with the judging panel for each debate.
  • Minimum word count = 600, Maximum word count = 1000.
    This is for ALL debates on this show.
  • You are free to debate either side of an argument. Your choice.

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Safe to say the HYPE was well warranted.

Undercard is positioned nicely and could produce some great entries, especially in the Chelsea debate and Music Industry Four Way. Seabs/ZOMBO/Evo is ridonkulous and despite having no affiliation with American sports, the tanking debate intrigues me after judging Magic's last match where he referenced this well in his argument.

No respite for ZOMBO, would be the first man to beat Greg back to back in any iteration of TDL. No pressure :eek:

TLK/Mac :moyes1 . I knew it had to be that when Greg dropped hints in the catbox, super question as well which should produce the contest everyone is expecting.

As for Andre, been wanting this debate for quite sometime and your impeccable record just makes the challenge even more inviting. Love the wording of the question and given my incessant passionate stance on said topic, I'll be disappointed if I don't produce my best debate to date. Best of luck to you (Y)

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Skank is what I meant. Don't make me look stupid. They want to make an innocent girl into a street prosi to fund their bowling trip or whatever sophisticated black people do in their spare time.
I'd laugh if you get sent to Bilbao and have to entertain Eamonn Holmes for the night :mike
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