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TDL Wrestling Division Title Match
WOOLCOCK vs The Lady Killer
Can Daniel Bryan replace John Cena as the WWE's lead babyface?

PM Debates to [user]Rush[/user]

TDL Legend vs Future TDL Legend
DDMac vs Clique
Stricter Gun Control in the United States: For or Against?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

TDL Sports Division Title Match
Aid180 vs Mr. Lawls
Should tie-breaks be used in the final set at Tennis Grand Slams?

PM Debates to [user]The Lady Killer[/user]

adrian_zombo vs Crusade
Was the WWF Invasion angle in 2001 doomed for failure from the very start or did it ever really have the potential to be something bigger than it ever ended up being?

PM Debates to [user]WOOLCOCK[/user]

TDL Social Division Farewell Match
GothicBohemian vs TehJerichoFan vs KLEEBLATT vs DARTH COCK
Was the death of Miriam Carey by the police justified?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

Scott Hall's Ghost vs The Fourth Wall vs Jupiter Jack Daniels vs The Wrestling Junkie
Would Triple H have achieved the success at the top of the card that he did without his relationship with Stephanie McMahon?

PM Debates to [user]Headliner[/user]

Rush vs McFly vs Seabs
Has Mesut Ozil made Arsenal legit title contenders for the Premier League this season?

PM Debates to [user]Evolution[/user]

Desecrated vs Kiz vs ashes11
Atletico Madrid have a stronger chance of winning the Champions League this season than Real Madrid: Agree or Disagree?

PM Debates to [user]The Lady Killer[/user]

The 'Jake' vs Notorious vs LUCK vs Brye
Can anyone stop Miami Heat from winning the NBA Championship for a 3rd straight season?

PM Debates to [user]Seabs[/user]

TheLoneShark vs Scottish-Suplex vs Bullseye vs killacamt
Is John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship a waste of John Cena's return?

PM Debates to [user]The Lady Killer[/user]

CGS vs Klunderbunker vs MarkC1984 vs RichardHagen
State your case for who you think should be WWE's PPV commentary team.

PM Debates to [user]The Lady Killer[/user]

  • Deadline for all debates is October 22nd 21:20 GMT. Basically October 22nd at the time of this post. Any no shows WILL RESULT IN PERMANENT EXCLUSION FROM THE LEAGUE.
  • You have FIVE DAYS to pull out of your debate. Anything later than 5 days from this post wont be accepted.
  • In the event that someone pulls out during the 5 day allowance we will replace them on the card with another user.
  • Please make sure you only submit your debate by PMing it to the intended recipient stated above. Don't post them anywhere on the forum. The debates will be forwarded onto the selected judging panel for your debate anonymously. When I post the results show you'll know what user posted each debate along with the judging panel for each debate.
  • Minimum word count = 300, Maximum word count = 800.
    For title matches
    Minimum word count = 500, Maximum word count = 1000.
  • You are free to debate either side of an argument. Your choice.

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Excellent card.

Very intrigued by the topic TLK and I have been assigned. Certainly a very broad question with a lot of intangibles to consider, definitely something that requires a degree of thought and that's always a plus.

Very intrigued by a lot of the questions especially those of Mac/Clique, Aid180/Lawls and the two football questions.

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Thanks for the card & match titles, Seabs/TLK. I'm thinking about a few different ways I can tackle the controversial gun control argument. Great job on selecting a very relevant hot topic. All the topics on this card are good actually. In my debate, I definitely have something to speak on right here from Chicago.

Remember Mac we get 1000 words for our debate. I will not wish you "good luck" because you are clearly better equipped with the skills to deliver...at least you were in time's past. By the end of the showdown when the dust settles, I aim to have reached legendary status. TRUST I will do what it takes to leave victorious again.

However, if you want to you can leave now before I put you down for good, old yeller


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TLK is gonna come back HARD for this debate after the last show. Good chance he probably produces his best debate to date actually. This time around to date at least.

Credit to Clique for the show name btw.

IMO this could be the strongest card top to bottom that we've done so far. TLK/SI and Mac/Clique both have unlimited potential and then the rest of the matches should easily produce at least one great debate from each tie.

Didn't realise that Lawls and Aid180 actually had the two highest rankings in Sports now after VII. I guess they are the 2 most deserving title contenders after all. Also, Crusade leapfrogged TLK in the rankings.

The next card will be setup a bit differently btw so look forward to that.

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DAMN, definitely the hardest topic thus far and a great challenge for this card vs Zombo. Gonna enjoy working out my argument and writing this :).

Very interested also by TLK/Woolcock and the Triple H debate (which I would have LOVED to have gotten myself).

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Pretty damn great card. Shame TLK lost his undefeated streak in his last match. Would have made this match a bit more interesting but nonetheless it's gonna be a great tie.

Plus Rush to bury Mozza plz :brodgers

Also quick question on my topic is it limited to the current crop of commentators?
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