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Haven't requested in a while, and I want a new banner so here goes.

Last Request - http://www.wrestlingforum.com/graphics-showroom/519991-rockheads-baner-request.html


Topic- Taylor Swift

Color- Up To Artist

Text 1- Rockhead written somewhere

Text 2- Taylor Swift written somewhere

Size- Up To Artist. But 500 x 250 is a nice size.

Pics- Up to Artist.

Now I can see that this section has a flunk of requests and there seems to be one person at the moment filling requests. So BIE please read this thread, and attempt! :p

All other artists welcome to try as well.

Will give points and rep, thanks.

i ain't got no type
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I might try once I can get photoshop loaded onto this computer. I only have paint.NET right now :lmao
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