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Or he could just be back in 3 weeks, lose the match, and then take the 6 months.

Tana will do everything in his power to remain active, but he really needs a break. He's having a hard time even jumping over the rope for his High Fly now in days. Surgery. Rest. Then come back strong.'

The G1 will be hurt a bit, especially with Shibata out as well, but thankfully there are plenty of Gaijin to take his place.

You need 20 names for the G1 now. So....

Omega, Naito, Elgin, Sabre, Yoshi, Ishii, Makabe, Tenzan, Kojima, Sanada, Evil, Okada, Suzuki, Juice, Cody, Fale, Nagata, Tonga, Goto, Tiger Mask W.....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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