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Talents on the current roster who could really benefit from a legend or a manager?

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Ok, this got me thinking, first of all, I do feel personally we have a very strong roster of talent right now, the only things that reflect on them sometimes is the watered down product or restriction of characters, however that shouldn't really reflect on their talent as such when you can read between the lines here in regards to this and see that the talent is clearly there, that said I hear a lot of people talking about a talents weakness's as opposed to previous era's, which probably having some guidance or a manager at the side of them could help, this doesn't necessarily have to be mic skills as such, you can get allsorts of heat or experience from having a veteran or a manager at the side, I mean even some of the greatest talkers still had a manager alongside them, simply because it worked and really gained that extra heat, take Ric Flair and Bobby Heenan for example.

So my question is, which talents on the current roster do you feel could really benefit from something along this and why, and even better ... who do you feel could help these people? I hear a lot of talk on Twitter about Tyler Breeze with Rick Martel for example (although, he's doing real well in his Real Estate work now anyway, though it is something I see often on there) ... which is pretty much what got me thinking about this.

We have people such as Zeb Coulter still helping out with the product, so these guys can come from any era really, as long as they're still living, be it Ted Dibiase, Hacksaw Jim Duggan or Stone Cold Steve Austin ... without any limitations, who do you feel could help a current talent on the roster right now and push things up for them a notch?

I thought this could make a good discussion and really get you guys thinking about a few things here .... so be as creative as you like, I'd love to hear some thoughts and vibes from you guys :)
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Cesaro seems like an obvious pick. Lana, Zeb, Lefort, anyone.

I'd also pair Bo Dallas with Scott Steiner, just for the sheer lulz.
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