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Talented wrestlers even the IWC doesn't talk about

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There are guys like William Regal, Christian, Owen Hart and others who have been called underrated by many people around here and are discussed constantly

What about the underrated, underrated guys? Guys who were good workers but are rarely talked about even by the IWC

One that stands out in my mind is D-Lo Brown. Was he an amazing in-ring talent or an epic promo cutter? No. But he could definitely work a great match and wasn't bad on the stick either. He was also very charismatic back in the day. There aren't many guys (atleast not at the time in North America) that could effectively blend his style of power wrestling and highflying, and his time on the indy circuit proved he isn't a bad mat/chain wrestler

In 98/99 D-Lo Brown was arguably the company's top midcard act. He had multiple runs as European Champion and was the first to hold it simultaneously with the Intercontinental Championship. He has a surprising amount of strong matches against guys like Val Venis, X-Pac and Jeff Jarrett. And nobody could deny that the dude was WAY over. The chest protector gimmick was classic!

So what are some other wrestlers that you guys feel are criminally forgotten about
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I barely here the Dynamite Kid get a mention on this forum. If he was a North-American he would be raved about but because he's English, he slips under the radar.
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