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I am going to start a BTB!

The owner is the Undertaker. He will also be the GM for both shows.

Each show will have 2 champions and only the best from the WWE is allowed in. One show is XPlosion it is held on Tuesday's at 8-11. The other one is Madness and it is held on Friday's 4-7.

The rosters are split into 3 three groups: Managers, World Title & IC Title
Trish Stratus
Stacy Kiebler
Christy Hemme

Main Title Contenders:
Big Show
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
The Rock

Intercontinental Contenders:
Chris Jericho
Booker T
Rey Mysterio

Madness is split into: Managers, Main title & U.S. title
Ric Flair
Torrie Wilson

Main Title Contenders:
Kurt Angle
Triple H
Stone Cold
Rob Van Dam

U.S. Title Contenders:
John Cena
Mick Foley
Muhammad Hassan

Also, the Dudley Boyz are on Madness.

XPlosion Champs:
Main Champ: Batista
Intercontinental Champ: Chris Jericho

Madness Champs:
Main Champ: Stone Cold
U.S.: John Cena.

Like what you see so far? PPV's and XPLosion could be up later tonight.
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