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Take The Belt Off Ambrose

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Russo's title reign was more meaningful. Giving it to Kofi would make more sense than watching it collect dust around Dean's waist. The creative team should be ashamed of themselves for handing out streaks like candy and devaluing prestigious championships because they'd rather put 90% of their attention in the main event. John Cena and JBL had STREET FIGHTS for the United States title, and now the television audience constantly forgets it exists because they threw it on a member of a stable that consistently wrestles in tag team matches. I'm sorry that you had no idea what to do with the belt after taking it from Cesaro because he got no reaction, but this is just retarded. There is plenty of mid card talent that could make the belt worth a damn again: Sandow, Ziggler, Sheamus, RVD(pending he puts Barrett over), but no, we're just going to let it rot with a fucking stable because it's best for business.
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