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Tag Teams Part 2

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The OP for the tag teams thread had the right idea even though I believe he was wrong saying that the tag team match last night was any good.

My point in creating this thread, was if you were in charge of the WWE, who would you push to the top of the tag team division. Pick maybe 4 or 5 tag teams that you think could revitalize the tag team division.
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doesnt matter who it is as long as theyve got a hook..e.g. dudleyz-tables hardyz-ladders e&c -chairs

and theyv gota have decent tag moves that the crowd can buzz for.there is nothing innovative in tag matches iv seen of late. sure the corre have the straps n thats what they need right now. but im just not excited enough about heath slater he makes me cringe everytime he gets in the ring. gabriel drags his ass everytime with 450 splash n thats all they got.
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