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It has to be expected that we are drawing near the release of
the facts and figures for the first nine months of 2010. Let me
remind you of the second quarter statement:

“In the second quarter, our performance fell below management expectations as trends
weakened in the latter part of the quarter. Although we believe the continued softness in
the economy played a part in our results, recent changes in our talent base may have
also impacted key operating metrics, particularly domestic pay-per-view buys and live
event attendance,” stated Vince McMahon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Also the McMahon family members waived 33% of their dividend for Q2.
Let me translate that for you: the owner of the company has to lower
his own income to pay out the dividend for all other stockowners. The
dividend, which is seen in investment circles as too high anyways, is
already overpaid meaning they pay out more dividends than the can muster
up income.

We already know the buyrates for most PPV from Q3. We already know the TV ratings
from the last months. There is not even the slightest glimps of light at the end
of the tunnel. I expect them to do some accounting tricks to mask the whole
desaster (e.g. selling assets). But I also expect PANIC MODE on the product.
There will be cost cutting- means: less production values. Which means:
less pyro, less cameras, less lightning, less security at venues, less pay
for talent. They can not increase pricing in a deflating business. They
can not put on more touring, it is an attrition war already. What they will
also do is switching into full fledged panic mode on the booking.

As Easy E has put it: Controversy Creates Cash. Booking is more or less for
free and they will be encouraged to follow the route started on sunday
at Hell in a Cell. If you think that Cena joining Nexus was a shocker-
wait for the bombs to drop. If you think Paul Bearer turning on Taker after
what- 1 week?- was a shocker- wait for the bombs to drop. If you think Morrison
jumping from the rafters was a shocker....

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LOL nothing...and 7theye means NOTHING...will happen until after Nov 2nd.

Can't you see that? The WWE is basically on hold and not doing anything crazy or panicky until Nov 2nd. Once that day passes, then things will go into WWE mode and you will see some changes and more drastic stuff. Until then they just dont want to rock the boat with major changes, just little things. Dont expect any outlandish stuff until after that day.
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