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SWF- A new Indy Fed with Indy Roster

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This is just an intro to my Fed... Please reply.

As 2003 rings around and the big lottery has just taken place in America, one of the second place winners has a few million dollars and plans to make there dream come true in owning there own indy federation. With the money they buy a ring and equiptment and rent out the old ECW Arena for a show in January 30th. When the winner goes to collect there money at the TV station which owns the lottery company the man trips on eletrical wires and breaks his arm and injures himself... After threats of suing the TV station they come to an agreement that they will show his big show on a Saturday at 7:00 untill 8:30 and give him 4 primetime ads for it and everysingle day at 12PM and 12AM untill the show.
The man then enlists the help of Jeremy Borash and tells him he will get a hand in the profits if that happens and that he will still get payed.. The two with great knowledge of the business and great connections hire staff and set up the ECW arena for one great show entitled SWF Inception.
The wrestling starved public start anticipating the show with a surprisingly large amount of joy. The man starts going around on the internet promoting the event at websites and advertises it everywhere even opening up his own site for the event. With 3 weeks before the event SWF announces there talent roster

Buff Bagwell
Brian Lawler
Scott Hall
Ernest Miller
Disco Inferno
Evan Karagious
Josh Mathews
Juventud Guerrero
Elix Skipper
Shane Douglas
AJ Styles
Steve Corino
Ron Killings

The public see this and tickets start selling. With one week before the event the arena is sold out and the federation signs up sponser agreements making the very first show a profit before it has even happened.

SWF Inception Card
World Title Match
Shane Douglas Vs Vampiro

Television Title Match
Buff Bagwell Vs Brian Lawler

Hardcore inside a steel cage match
Crowbar Vs Sabu

Tag Team Title Match
Scott Hall & Syxx Pac Vs Konnan & Ernest Miller

Ladder Match for shot at TV Title
Ron Killings Vs AJ Styles

Juventud Guerrero Vs Psicosis

Elix Skipper & Evan Karagious Vs Disco Inferno & Steve Corino

Commentators: Jeremy Borash and Mark Madden


Well i said i was bored and thats how bored i was....... I might continue this and write up the results and everything for my show if there is interest in this which at this board i dont know if there will be... I might go and do it at another board aswell...

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guitarplayer218 said:
It needs more people from WWE.
Well this is an INDY fed.. Meaning its all the people that ARENT in WWE... This is all the out of work wrestlers not bind to a wwe, japanese or whatever contract... Like i would be realistic for the fed saying that they couldnt afford Goldberg so i dont sign him and Jeff Jarret wouldnt come to this fed in real life cause he is with NWA TNA

And as for the announcers
Mark Madden was in WCW towards the end
Jeremy Borash was in NWATNA, WWA, WCW
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