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Genres: British Hip Hop, Grime

This Is My Demo - 2006

1. "This Is My Demo" (featuring Sewuese, produced by Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, and Tamiz)
2. "Products" (featuring El Rae, produced by Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, and Joe Fields)
3. "Hype Boys" (produced by Sway DaSafo, Bigz, and Ramiz)
4. "Little Derek" (featuring Baby Blue, produced by Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, Ramiz, Joe Fields, and Baby Blue)
5. "Pretty Ugly Husband" (produced by Sway DaSafo and Joe Fields)
6. "Flo Fashion" (produced by Sway DaSafo and Ramiz)
7. "Up Your Speed" (featuring Pyrelli, Sway DaSafo, D. Watson, L. Buckingham, M. Fleetwood, S. Nicks, C. McVie, J. McVie, and M. Meredith)
8. "Download" (produced by Sway DaSafo, R. Cryce, R. Annor, Big E.D., and Terror Danjah)
9. "Loose Woose" (produced by Sway DaSafo, T. Salih, D. Watson, T. Oriola, Haydon, and Turkish)
10. "Sick World" (featuring Sewuese, produced by Sway DaSafo, Al Shux and M. Pusey)
11. "On My Own" (featuring Nate James, produced by Al Shux)
12. "Back 4 U" (featuring Haydon and Ny, produced by Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, and Joe Fields)
13. "Slo' Down" (featuring Sewuese)
14. "Month in the Summer"

The Signature LP - 2008

1 "Fit 4 A King" 5:08 Sway
2 "Say It Twice" 4:03 Turkish
3 "Saturday Night Hustle" 3:18 Al Shux Lemar & Slickx
4 "Silver & Gold" 4:10 Akon; co-produced by Giorgio Tuinfort Akon
5 "F UR X" 3:15 Youngster $tush
6 "Jason Waste" 3:35 Sway Ellen King
7 "Look After My Girl" 4:14 Emile Darren B
8 "Pray 4 Kaya" 4:30 Giorgio Tuinfort; co-produced by Akon
9 "Walk Away" 4:32 Silverstone Father Noah
10 "Upload" 4:45 Terror Danjah & Scratcha DVA
11 "Stereo" 4:00 CHOPS; co-produced by Sway
12 "Letters To Heaven" 6:13 The Nextman Leo
13 "End Of The Road" 4:45 Sway & Guy Katsav I Blame Coco
14 "Special Place" 4:59 Sway Loick Essien
15 "Taxi" 3:05 Guy Katsav
16 "My Kind Of Girl" 4:28 Sway 2face Idibia
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