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Just an idea I had to make SS a bit more interesting:

I'm in the process of making 3 Survivor Series Bingo cards (5x5, one free space, the usual...).

Each card costs 1000 credits, one per member. If you happen to get a 'house', I'll send you 5000 creds.

Examples of squares are:

HHH returns.
Successful Cash in.
Morrison victory.
GM reveal.
"Vintage ****"


If you want to play, send the 1000 creds, + either the number one, two or three. Bingo cards will be sent out around 1am GMT. (May be a bit later, but I won't be watching SS tonight, so rest assured there will be no influence in my card design.)


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you could add EXPLODES to that too
Yes, probably to replace the Batista tile. Maybe ill make my own

Tiles like

"The viper has gone to the place that only the viper goes"
"He's a nerd, a vegan"
"Something about Coleminers"
"____ Is ROLLING"
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