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Surely Punk's overshadowing is all part of a storyline?

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I shouldn't even care. I'm just a fan, but man I was livid when Punk wasn't main eventing last night. I was thinking before "the WWE title HAS to close the show right?" but of course the cancerous motherfucker that is John Cena main evented AGAIN. Lets look at shit so far. The PPV's since Punk's reign

TLC - Punk main events. Cena is NOT on the card

Royal Rumble - the Rumble should always go last, no complaints.

Elimination Chamber - John Cena vs Kane? Really? After the WWE title ELIMINATION CHAMBER match?? God damn. That's legit case 1.

Wrestlemania - Cena should main event here, the match with Rock was heavily hyped

Extreme Rules - Less of a debate as Mania, but I'm not going to complain. Lesnar back was a massive deal.

Over The Limit - This is quite possibly, the most disrespect the WWE Title has ever got. Cena - Johnny main event? Absolutely fucking awful. I can't fathom what was going through Vince's mind here. Awful. Legit case 2

No Way Out - Cena vs Big Show? Jesus Christ it gets worse and worse. Are you kidding me now? Show vs Cena, same shit we've seen forever goes after the WWE title. Legit case 3

Money In The Bank - This is again, fucking horrendous. A ladder match, with the only reason going last because it featured Cena ahead of the title is disgusting. Legit case 4.


When you count up all the times Cena has closed the show over Punk on Raw, then you get an even clearer picture. It's almost like Punk may be physically holding the strap, but Cena is the real champion. Right now, I'm trying to believe that this is all some sort of storyline. Even Vince, even Vince can't be this bad can he? The battering in prestige the title has got is now ridiculous. I know WWE expect as to forget shit about 2 weeks after it happened, but it can't expect us to forget everything Punk said last year? Eve's words on Raw last week to Punk seemed to finally show that the WWE want us to know what is going on here. My only thought is that this is all a big ploy, leading to Punk finally snapping, and returning to a character similar to that of last year. If I'm wrong, then to hell with this company.
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no I don't think so but you know that the WWE management likes to fuck with us. Unfortunately this is all because of Vince not wanting to push something he hasn't created and the master politicking by Master Politician john sheena.
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