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List the top 4 matches you'd like to see on the SummerSlam card... they could be from either brand!?

1. HBK v. Flair IRONMAN rematch
2. RVD v. HHH World Title

1. Angle v. Hogan U.S. title
2. Benoit v. Brock Submissions match WWE Title

I would like to see Brock in a submissions match because I feel that he is too one dimisional. So a submissions match would help him develop some versatility. I also think its time for Benoit to have a title reign.

With the right push I feel RVD could and should have a title reign. HHH and RVD could do some great things together in a match. I feel that RVD has proved that he is ready to move into the main event spot on the RAW roster.

What are your thoughts ???

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I don't want to watch Flair for an hour. I want RVD and Benoit to be the champs so very much. Benoit doesn't seem to have enough charisma imho though. RVD needs a serious push and would make a better champ than Goldberg or Nash!

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I agree but come on how much does COCK LESSNAR have ???? he has to be teamed with Angle now so he can ride Kurts preverbal charismatic coat-tails!!!! And think of as seeing HBK and Flair for an hour not just Ric Flair!!!! " Is the glass half empty of half full?" it's all how you decide to look at it !!!

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World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Scot Stiener

Winner - new champion HBK (this would lead into either a HBK/Rock or HBK/Goldberg fued at Survivor Series)

Last Man Standing
Ric Flair vs Cactus Jack

Winner - Cactus Jack wins after Evolution gets involved and the ECW hardcore superstars help Cactus Jack with the evacuation of evolution from the ring area


WWE Championship
Brock Lesner (c) vs Hulk Hogan

Winner - new WWE Champion Hulk Hogan leading into a Hulk Hogan/Piper Fued

WWE United States Championship

Kurt Angle vs Mr. America

Winner - Mr. America (to raise more speculation on if Mr. A is really Hulk Hogan????)

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TeamAngle2003 said in post #5 :
Flair would probably pass out; I think he's 56 now?
Ric Flair is only 52.

Anyway, my dream Summerslam for this year

Ultimate Submission
Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit

Last Man Standing
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

Hell in a Cell
Triple H vs. Kane

Ladder match
Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey Mysterio

BookDust vs. APA vs. Storm/Regal (if Regal is back) vs. Jindrak/Orton vs. Eddie/Tajiri vs. Haas/Benjamin

Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam

Mr. America, Undertaker and Zach Gowen vs. A-Train, Big Show and Vince McMahon

Ivory vs. Jazz

Christian and Test vs. Goldberg and Scott Steiner

Thats 9 matches, I know they won't happen but I would like this PPV.


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Listen all the matches all have made are great but I would like to show you what a real dream Summerslam is for me.

Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon (RAW VS. SMACKDOWN)

The match ends after a half an hour of battleing with Chris Jericho the winner

Smackdown Tag Team Titles Ladder Match APA vs. Eddie and Tajiri vs. Chralie Hass PLUS + Shelton Benjarmin formerly Team Angle vs. Jonny "The Bull" Stambolie and Chuck Polumbo

APA start the match with brawling against everyone and beating the crap out of all of the teams. It took all of them to attack APA to stop the carnage. Whill this was happening Eddie got a ladder . They through him off the ladder to the out side. After the match went a while it seemed as if Tajiri whould win but Chavo came back and through him off the ladder to the floor. This lead to APA getting the belts.

Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson

Weeks befor they could have Arn come back and be in the Evolution as a manaer but Ric Flair and his "friends" treated him like crap so he attacked back and challenged Ric Flair. This could be a legends battle with Ric Flair winning.

Kane vs. RVD

This could be a good fight but in the end Kane wins and destroys everything around him no one can restrain him. So then Stephenie Mcmahon Helmsly Came out and brought The Undertaker with her. Then the two men started talking but word were not enough the they started to brawl destroying everything they even went back stage It ended with the both men bleeding and tired and the both walked away after a fight but how they stoped and walked away was confussing.

No Holds Barred NO Interference World Title Triple vs.Golberg

Finally the dream match of the ages it seems that no one could win. In the end Goldberg hit the spear but was reversed anf Triple H got the win.

Extreme Match Mick Foley vs. Randy Ortan
The most barbaric match barabwire bats it was hardcore and Mick won the match.

WWE Title Brock Lesnar vs. Scott Steiner
On a Smackdown Brock gave an open challenge for Summerslam and Scott Steiner went for it. This was the muscel bond fight which Scott won in amazment. Eric Bichoff came out and said that The Smackdown champion ship is his as him and Steiner wtih Stacy left.

Big Show vs. Zack Gowen

It is a mistmatch but Big Show losses because he kicked him in the groin and hit a DDT with a leg drop for the three.

US Title Chris Benoit VS. John Cena
John Cena pulls off the win over Benoit with rool up that came for no were.

Cage Match Mr. America vs. Kurt Angle

It is Mr. americas night to win

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WWE Tittle
Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

Winner: Kurt Angle as a Heel

World Title
Mick Foley vs Triple H

Winner: Triple H, RVD Interferance trying to hit Hunter but missing and hitting Foley

World Tag Title
Jindrak/Orton vs Lance Storm/Gregory Helms

Winner: Jindrak/Orton, Helms stops being the Hurricane and turns to his old self

WWE Tag Title
APA vs Jonny the Bull and Chuck Pulmbo


John Cena vs Matt Hardy

Winner: John Cena

WWE U.S Title
Chris Benoit vs Rhyno

Winner: Rhyno becasue i hate Benoit

WWE Cruiserweight Title
Ladder Match
Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio

Winner: Ultimo Dragon because it will shut Michel Cole mouth about Mysterio

WWE IC Title
Christian vs RVD

Winner: Christian

Kane Vs Kevin Nash

Winner Kane with his new gimmick

Street Fight
Chris Jericho vs Goldberg

Winner: Jericho cause Goldberg sucks and Gillberg costs him the match

Mr America and Zack Gowen vs Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon

Winner: Mr McMahon and Hulk Hogan with Hogan truning up and Hogan and leaving Zack on his own and joining forces with Vinnie Mac
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