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SummerSlam Results

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1. Singles Match- Scott Steiner VS Christain
Winner- Christain after Test Interferes

2. WWE Crusierweight Title- Rey Myestrio (c) VS Billy Kidman
Winner- Billy Kidman

3. World Tag Team Championship- La France (c) VS The Dudley Boys
Winner- La France after Rene dupree pinned D-Von

4. Chris Benoit VS Rhyno
Winner- Chris Benoit by Tap Out

5. WWE Tag Team Championship- Worlds Greatest Tag Team (c) VS Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore.
Winner- Worlds Greatest Tag Team after Shelton pins Shannom Moore

6. Ultimo Dragon VS Billy Gunn
Winner- Ultimo Dragon after the Dragon Sleeper

7. Undertaker VS Big Show
Winner- Undertaker After the Last Ride

8. Kevin Nash VS Ric Flair
Winner- Ric Flair after Triple H Interferes.

9. U.S Champioship- Eddie Guerrero (c) VS John Cena
Winner- Eddie Guerrero after frog splash

10.IC Champioship- Booker T (c) VS Chris Jericho
Winner- Chris Jericho after a tap out

11. The Rock VS Shawn Micheals
Winner- The Rock after Peoples elbow

12. Rob Van Dam VS Kane
Special Ref Stone Cold
Winner- Kane After Stone Cold turns on Rob Van Dam

13. WWE Championship- Kurt Angle (c) VS Brock Lesner
Winner- Kurt Angle after a tap out

14. World Heavyweight Championship- Triple H (c) VS Goldberg
Winner- Goldberg after Jackhammer and a spear

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