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1. Singles Match- Scott Steiner VS Christain
Winner- Christain after Test Interferes

2. WWE Crusierweight Title- Rey Myestrio (c) VS Billy Kidman
Winner- Billy Kidman

3. World Tag Team Championship- La France (c) VS The Dudley Boys
Winner- La France after Rene dupree pinned D-Von

4. Chris Benoit VS Rhyno
Winner- Chris Benoit by Tap Out

5. WWE Tag Team Championship- Worlds Greatest Tag Team (c) VS Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore.
Winner- Worlds Greatest Tag Team after Shelton pins Shannom Moore

6. Ultimo Dragon VS Billy Gunn
Winner- Ultimo Dragon after the Dragon Sleeper

7. Undertaker VS Big Show
Winner- Undertaker After the Last Ride

8. Kevin Nash VS Ric Flair
Winner- Ric Flair after Triple H Interferes.

9. U.S Champioship- Eddie Guerrero (c) VS John Cena
Winner- Eddie Guerrero after frog splash

10.IC Champioship- Booker T (c) VS Chris Jericho
Winner- Chris Jericho after a tap out

11. The Rock VS Shawn Micheals
Winner- The Rock after Peoples elbow

12. Rob Van Dam VS Kane
Special Ref Stone Cold
Winner- Kane After Stone Cold turns on Rob Van Dam

13. WWE Championship- Kurt Angle (c) VS Brock Lesner
Winner- Kurt Angle after a tap out

14. World Heavyweight Championship- Triple H (c) VS Goldberg
Winner- Goldberg after Jackhammer and a spear

What you think rate 1-10 and what was the best match. REPLY PLZ

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Last Ride on the big show unrealistic I DONT THINK SO!!!! Goldberg Jackhammerd him straight in the air so if he can do that Taker can do it from the Turnbuckle any day it's simple it wont take much. If Show jumps aswel it should be quiet good move
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