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I would first like to say that WWE needs to have Triple H drop the belt. It's time for a changing of the guard here. It could happen at Summerslam, then again, Triple H doesn't like to put people over, so don't hold your breath. Why is he on the booking team? Oh yeah......he's stuffing Steph like a Thanksgiving turkey. Quit holding people like RVD, Booker T and Y2J back. I'm sick of seeing Triple H holding that belt. Ok, enough of the ranting.

Elimination Chamber for the World title.

A have come up with a few possibilities for this match.
1. Triple H may very well lose because of his injury. Don't hold your breath, but it could happen.
2. HBK joins Evolution. Makes sense doesn't it? To ass some feul to the fire, why did HBK help Goldberg on RAW? Maybe to throw the fans off a bit? Believe me, this could happen.
3. Jericho FINALLY gets his title back. If Trips does drop the title, it will probably be to Jericho OR Randy Orton could turn on Evolution and screw Triple H.
4. Kevin Nash may very well injure himself for the 39th time since his WWE contract signing. Nash will NOT win the title. I guaran-damn-tee.
5. I doubt Goldberg is gonna win the title. Vince has a bad itch for former WCW talent that he needs Linda (or Sable) to scratch. Just look at what he's doing to the FIVE TIME WCW Champion Booker T. Plus, Goldberg is also injured.

Lastly, look for the last two men in the ring to be Triple H and HBK. HBK because of his back and Trips because of his leg.

Winner: I'm stuck between Triple H and Jericho. If Vince is smart, give Y2J the strap and have him feud with RVD.

Kane vs. RVD
RVD needs put over. I truly believe it will happen at Summerslam. If it doesn't, then Vince needs a kick in the ass. This is a perfect oppurtunity to put RVD over. With Kane's HUGE heat (no pun intended), having RVD beat him would give a boost to RVD's babyface status.

The Dudleyz vs. La Resistance
No brainer here. Dudleyz get the titles. My only problem with the RAW tag team division is this. THERE ARE ONLY TWO TEAMS?! RAW desperatley needs more teams.

Shane vs. Eric
I look for a "winners gets RAW GM position" clause. Whether that happens or not, Shane O'Mac is taking this one. If the winner DOES become RAW GM, I look for Austin and Shane to run RAW and Steph and Eric to run Smackdown.

WWE Title Match (Rumored/Probable match)
Brock vs. Kurt
Kurt jobs to Brock at WM, Brock jobs to Kurt at Summerslam. Turning Brock heel was the way to go on Smackdown. With Kurt FINALLY getting his babyface run, I believe that Angle will be even more impressive. He plays very well to the crowd and the fans love him now.

Matches that should take place:
Cristian should defend his title, but against whom? Booker T is out for 6-8 weeks. Randy orton SHOULD have been the one to face the IC champ. Looking at the RAW roster....well...the most likley contender would have to be...ummm.....maybe he WON'T defend his title. Unless a Smackdown superstar "defects"......

Eddie will probably defend his US title against Chris Benoit and/or Rhyno. It SHOULD be another Eddie/Benoit match-up, with Benny picking up the win. Benoit is the 2nd best wrestler on that roster, next to Kurt Angle. If Benoit wasn't a WCW guy, he would have been WWE champ by now.

It looks like they are setting up for another Rey/Kidman vs. Haas/Benjamin match. If this happens, Kidman should turn on Rey, setting up a lengthy feud between the two.

Random thoughts and opinions. S.H.I.T gimmick sucks. Throw Rikishi to RAW and have him team with Rosey. RAW needs a few tag teams and those two men SHOULD be teamed up. After all, 3 Minute Warning SHOULD have been Rosey, Jamal and the big Kish from the start. Why Rico? Oh.....they wanted another "gay wrestler" gimmick. Anyone remember Kwee Wee?

Val Venis needs a valet. I think him and Sable would be GREAT together. Maybe even Torrie Wilson.

Why didn't Vince job to Zack Gowen at Vengence? I'm starting to think that Vince really DOESN'T want him on the roster.

Summerslam could really put the WWE back on track if they play there cards right. We'll have to wait and see.

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Rob Van Dam will not pin Kane.
Why would an old Shawn Michaels join the group which is intent on producing young superstars?
The winner of the elimination chamber in my opinion has not yet been decided.
Look out for a 4-way US Title match with Tajiri in the mix.
I like ur idea about Shane O Mac running Raw and The Bisch helping run Smackdown.
Did u not see Vengeance? Kurt Angle pinned Brock Lesnar. For me id give Brock Lesnar the title with paul heyman returning and helping out brock. The ideal ending for me would be for brock lesnar to tombstone piledrive Angles bad neck for the pin.
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