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The Pyrotechnics go off as “St. Anger. starts off the evening.
JR: “Welcome everyone to Summerslam. Tonight’s an explosive night for both brands.”
Vince: “That’s right JR, and we’re going to kick it off with our Battle Royale!”

Battle Royale for Tag Team Championships

All the teams punch eachother and try to eliminate them. After two minutes Goldust and Rosey are eliminated. About 3 minutes afterwards, the Dudley Boyz and La Resistance eliminate eachother. Zach Gowan and Shannon Moore are followed not too long after. All four Nation of Domination members are eliminated by the Storminator and the Hurricane. L.O.D. eliminates the superhero duo to win the tag team titles.
Winners: Legion of Doom

Josh Matthews interviews Sean William Scott (Rock’s partner in his new movie.)
Josh: Hey Sean, I bet you’re hear to root for the Rock.
Sean: You damn right, I’m having the best time right now at Summerslam, yeah!
Josh: There you have it folks, tonight will the Rock keep his career as he takes on Legend? You’ll have to find out.

RVD Vs. Randy Orton
To start off the match RVD goes for a spink kick but Orton dodges it and goes for a big boot but RVD catches the foot, drops it and goes for a dropkick but Orton shoves him aside. For the next 5 minutes they reverse eachothers moves until a double clothesline. They both get up at 6. RVD starts gaining the advantage with all sorts of kicks. RVD goes for a rolling thunder but Orton reverses it into a powerbomb. Pink for a 2 count. Orton has momentum for a while until he stands on the top rope. RVD runs and gives a hurracarana off the top rope. RVD then goes for the 5 star frog splash but misses. Orton gives RVD the RKO and gets the win.
Winner: Randy Orton

Circus Match
While Elix Skipper claims he’s pound for pound the greatest athlete in the world, Doink comes out of a box and blinds his opponent with a pie. Doink throws Elix Skipper into a pool of water. Doink grabs a chair but gets low blowed by Skipper. Skipper finds a circus whip and whips Doink. The clown makes an effort to escape by pedalling away on a tiny bicycle but gets kicked off. Elix Skipper then throws Doink through a popcorn stand, shattering the glass. A little mini car drives into the circus area and hits Elix Skipper. Dink The Clown comes out of the car and ties him down. He then drags Doink. Doink pins Elix Skipper for a three count ending the first ever circus match.
Winner: Doink The Clown

Raw General Manager Triple Threat Match
Stone Cold watches the action start off as Shane McMahon pummels Eric Bischoff. After Shane goes for a cover Austin starts to open up a can on Shane. After Shane is left on the mat, Austin stomps a mudhole in Eric Bischoff. Austin goes for a stunner but Shane delivers a low blow. Shane gets a chair and attempts to knock out Stone Cold but gets a stunner for his efforts. Eric Bischoff then DDT’s Austin onto the chair and pins Shane.1….2…Shane McMahon stops the count. Shane then drags Bischoff to the outside and lays him on the spanish announce table. Shane goes to the top rope but realizes that he’s not high enough. Shane gets a ladder and sets it up in the ring. Shane smacks Bischoff with a chair as he remains lying on the table. Shane climbs the ladder and jumps, crushing him and his opponent. Stone Cold picks up the pieces and throws them in the ring. Austin delivers a stunner to both men and goes for the cover but the ref stops. Austin gives a stunner to the ref realizing that Eric Bischoff probably hired him. Eric Bischoff then continuously smacks Austin with a chair busting him open. Eric lays in the corner with the chair on top of him to take a breather from the beating he had taken. Shane climbs into the opposite corner and goes Coast To Coast sending the chair into Bischoff’s head. Shane makes the cover…1…2…3! Shane McMahon is the new General Manager of Raw!
Winner: Shane McMahon

John Cena Vs. Matt Hardy in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship
John Cena starts the match off by knocking Matt out with his padlock and chain. Cena gets the ladder. Matt baseball slides the ladder and hits Cena. Matt throws his foe into the steps. Matt sets the ladder up in the ring. Cena comes from behind and whips Matt into the corner. Cena picks up the ladder and it gets dropkicked back into him. Matt sets the ladder in the corner and catapults his opponent into the ladder. Matt goes from the corner and drives the ladder into the rapper. Matt goes outside and gets another bigger ladder and sets it up on the outside. He then slams Cena into the ladder and sets it near the other ladder. Matt gets a table and alys it down on both ladders making a roof joining both ladders. Matt goes for a twist of fate on the table but Cena reverses it and sets up for the F-U but Matt breaks free. Cena gets pushed down into the ring but he lands on his feet. Cena pushes the ladders and Matt falls into the fifth row of the fans. Cena gets the ladder and sets it up. Zach Gowan climbs to the top of the ladder and Shannon Moore holds Cena. Cena is able to kcnock them out. Jeff Hardy makes an appearance and pushes the ladder causing the rapper to fall through the SmackDown! Announce table. Matt climbs the ladder very slowly. Cena meets Matt Hardy at the top. Cena gives Matt the F-U off the ladder. Cena greabs the title and wins.
Winner: John Cena

Fatal Four Way Diva’s Triathlon for the Women’s Championship
Victoria (champion) Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Trish Stratus Vs. Lita

First the event starts off with a bathing suit competition. Victoria starts out by revealing a purple bikini not impressing anybody. Gail Kim then appears with a blue bikini yet not impressive. Trish then shows up wearing a black thong and top getting a cheap pop from the crowd. Lita then shows her wildside by only wearing a red thong and covering her breasts to win the contest.
Winner: Lita

Next we start off with a Evening Gown Match. Lita was the first one to eliminate somebody by ripping off Victoria’s gothic black dress. Trish Stratus was the next to go when Gail Kim ripped off not only the dress but Trish’s top as well. Lita then delivered a hurracarana to Gail Kim phasing her for the moment just in time to rip off her opponent’s dress and pick up the win.
Winner: Lita

Lita walks away women’s champion but Stephanie McMahon comes out.
Steph: “Trish…Lita…remember now you have to take it all off!”
Lita takes off her thong first and then the dress but still covering up. Trish removes her thong and covers up. Both are in the ring and they remove their hands and arms as everybody gets a quick peak until the lights go out. DX music plays. When the lights go back on, Trish and Lita are gone but HBK stands in the ring.
HBK: “Lately on SmackDown! This whole DX thing has been going on without explanation. Well…I’m out here to figure out who’s behind this! Show yourselves right now!”
Nobody comes out.
HBK: “Fine then, I’ll go look for you in the back!”
A couple minutes after Shawn leaves DX music plays as the pyros go off. Shawn Micheals walks out and points to the entrance way. Billy Gunn and Charlie Haas make their way out with Chyna by their side.
HBK: “Alright, I did it. I’m behind the whole thing. Yours truly has reunited a newly formed DX! It’s the Heart Break Kid, Mr. Ass, Charlie Haas and Chyna all here to represent the black and the green!”
Billy: “And if you ain’t down with that, we got two words for ya….SUCK IT!”
DX leaves.

Invasion Match
Mr. Ass from SmackDown! Vs. Test from Raw
Test runs in and goes for a big boot but Mr. Ass ducks. Mr. Ass hits a low blow and then nails the Fame-Asser to pick up a very quick win.
Winner: Mr. Ass

Blindfold Match
Kane Vs. Psycho Sid
Both men show up and are blindfolded in the ring. Both search the ring until they meet up with eachother. Kane chokeslams Psycho Sid and pins…1…2…kickout! Kane then continues a chokehold onto his opponent. Kane whips Sid to the corner. Kane runs to the corner but nobody’s there, Sid moved out of the way just in time. Sid backs up quickly into Kane and starts punching and kneeing his foe in the ribs. Sid then goes for a powerbomb but Kane delivers a backbody drop. Kane goes to the outside and finds the stair case and places them in the ring. Kane finds Sid and tombstones him in the center of the ring. Kane grabs the stairs and drops them onto Sid. Kane pins…1…2…3! Kane wins.
Winner: Kane
After when Kane takes off his blindfold he handcuffs Sid still keeping him blindfolded. Kane kidnaps Sid and brings him to the back.

Career Ending Match
Rock Vs. Legend
Rock lays the smackdown on Legend throughout the whole match. Rock nails Legend with a chair on the outside when the ref isn’t looking and grabs a headset and starts to commentate. Rock grabs a bottle of water, takes a swallow and spits it into Legend’s face. Rock then throws his opponent into the staircase. Rock puts his opponent into the ring and delivers not one, not two, not three, not four, but five people’s elbows. Then Rock delivers not one, not two, not three, not four, but five Rock Bottoms! Rock then goes on top realizing that there’s no way Legend can get up from a beating like that. Sean William Scott stops the cheering and gets into the ring to congratulate the Rock, Sean gives the chair to Rock and tells him to hit him with it. Rock decides to drop the chair and put a sharpshooter onto Legend. Sean grabs the chair and smacks Rock in the back of the head. Sean then places Legend onto the Rock and goes for the cover…1….2……3! The Rock’s career is over and Legend stays.
Winner: Legend

Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon for the Cruiserweight Championship in an Iron Man Match
Both shake hands and the bell rings. Mysterio delivers a hiptoss and Ultimo Dragon returns the favor. Mysterio delivers a head scissors and his opponent goes to the outside. Mysterio goes for a suicide dive but misses. Ultimo Dragon delivers an Asai Moonsault and throws his opponent into the ring. The Dragon gives Rey a 450 splash and pins…1…2…kickout! Dragon locks in a headlock. The champion takes the mask off of Rey but he hides his face. The mask is returned and the match continues. Rey rips off the mask of Ultimo Dragon and the mask is returned so the match can continue. Both men dropkick eachother. Ultimo Dragon spits fire into the challengers face and is disqualifed with 43:10 left in the match. He then pins Rey…1..2…3! It’s tied 1-1 with 42:56 left. Non stop for the next half hour both men give eachother everything they’ve got. With about 15 minutes left Mysterio scores a 619. Rey goes for the West Coast Pop but gets powerbombed for his efforts. The champ goes to the top and delivers a moonsault and pins…1…2…kickout. It goes back and forth until Rey delivers a West Coast Pop and scores with another fall with 1:23 left. Juventude Guerrera makes his way to the ring and nails Ultimo Dragon with a chair. It’s tied 2-2 with 15 seconds left. Mysterio goes for the pin…1…2…kickout! Mysterio delivers a 619 but the time runs out. The match is considered a draw as both men walk out together.
Winner: Draw

6-Man Elimination Cage Match for the U.S. Title
Edge Vs. Christian Vs. Rhyno Vs. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Charlie Haas Vs. Chris Benoit
All 6 men pull out all the stops in this match as it’s finisher move after finisher move but none can be put away as you have to throw them outside of the cage. Charlie Haas and Edge are both up top and Edge almost falls out but he grabs onto the edge. Haas steps on Edge’s fingers knocking him off the cage and to the arena floor. Haas then dives off the top and nails Eddie Guerrero. Christian and Haas work together and bring Eddie to the top of the cage. Christian falls off but the referee isn’t looking so he climbs back up and pulls Eddie Guerrero off. Haas meets Christian at the top of the cage and bodyslams his opponent to the arena floor right onto Eddie. Benoit and Rhyno are in the ring. Benoit isn’t paying attention and gets Gored right through the door by Rhyno. Rhyno then climbs to the top to meet with Charlie Haas. They both fight up there for a while. Benoit sets up a couple of tables on the outside and climbs back up. Haas and Benoit eliminate Rhyno by throwing him through all the tables as Haas is the survivor.
Winner: Charlie Haas

Six Man Tag Team Match
Brock Lesnar/Goldberg/Batista Vs. Big Show/Nathan Jones/Undertaker
Just a big long fight with the biggest guys in the business. Near the end of the match, Undertaker’s stalker comes from the rafters and nails Undertaker with a baseball bat. Batista pins Undertaker allowing his team to pick up the victory. The stalker takes off his mask to reveal himself as none other than Paul Bearer!
Winner: Brock Lesnar/Goldberg/Batista

No Holds Barred Match for the Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle (champion) Vs. Kevin Nash
Angle and Nash assault eachother through the entire match with every weapon they could find. They make their way into the parking lot. A limo comes out but Kurt is thrown in front by Nash and it stops. Nash pulls Eric Angle out of the driver seat and Jackknifes him onto the Limo’s roof. Kurt Angle then delivers an Angle slam. Nash gets right back up and Jackknifes Kurt through the front window. Kurt and Eric both roll off the limo as a semi comes speeding by and hits the limo. Nash luckily jumped off and waited until the semi stopped. Nash pulled Scott Hall out of the driver seat and Jackknifed him on top of the semi trailer. Kurt appears on the top of the trailer and nails Nash with a chair. The pin…1…2…kickout! Kurt Angle goes for an Angle Slam but Nash breaks free. Nash jackknifes Angle into a nearby dumpster off the trailer! Nash pulls Angle out of the dumpster and makes the cover…1…2…3!
Winner: and new Heavyweight Champion…Kevin Nash!

2/3 Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho Vs. Shawn Michaels
Both have a pretty good match like at WrestleMania 19. Shawn delivers a superkick and goes for the pin…1…2…3!
Winner of first fall: Shawn Michaels
DX comes to the ring and tries to help Shawn in every way they can but Jericho still nails a Lionsault and pins…1…2…31
Winner of Second Fall: Chris Jericho
DX gets sent to the back by the referee. Jericho has the pin but the ref’s distracted. Shawn nails a low blow and pins…1…2…kickout! Jericho nails a Lionsault but can’t get it done, HBK nails three superkicks but Jericho still kicks out surprisingly. Jericho locks in the Walls Of Jericho for three long minutes but Shawn makes his way to the ropes. Finally, Shawn nails a surprising Superkick and gets the cover…1…2…3!
Winner: Shawn Michaels

After that great SummerSlam the champions are traded. So Shawn Michaels is on SmackDown! And Kevin Nash is on Raw.

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How do I suck? I've got great storylines, great matches, let's see you do better. All I've seen so far with storylines are DX, NwO, Four Horsemen and a whole bunch of stables coming back in one day to fight eachother. All I've seen is run-ins. These storylines that I've written are way better. Even my matches aren't that bad. I personally think that I'm better than everybody else here because I don't have run-in assaults 24/7. Like I said: Let's see you do better! I see that you've written your "First show after WrestleMania". You have one hardcore match and it's boring plus you bring Mick Foley back to be a ref? I think it's you who sucks!

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I changed the champions because that was planned earlier. I will now be posting Raw and SmackDown! in a new thread called...

[c]Juvy'sHouse Of Pain[/c]
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