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SummerSlam 2012 Digital's

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Why are the heels dancing with the faces ? WTF
Oh my god in heaven! Look at at dat ass! Dayum!

Need a focus shot of just Aksana, Natalya and Kaitlyn just to compare powerhouse bodies. That section of the stage danced horribly though, maybe why Beth Phoenix wasn't out there.
Dat awkward dancing by everyone but Naomi and Cameron.
Your women's division everybodyfpalm
Natalya and her thick legs <3 that is all.
Good to see Rosa back.
Kelly and Eve dancing side by freaking side.......epic fail. Thought Eve was now sort of "above" that Divas randomly dancing bullshit.

And WWE, enough with the Kevin Rudolf experiment. I don't care if you probably pay only about $20 for his music.

I have nothing to really back this up, but there's something about Aksana that just makes me think she gives a great blowjob. Again, nothing visually (sadly) to back this up. Just a routine male thought.
Skipped the dancing, dang, but I really needed to see HHH vs Brock. AJ was looking great as always. (Y)
Askana looked fine ass hell. I would gladly destroy all them bitches though!!!
Kelly Kelly looks hot!!!!!

Does anyone notice a big bruise on Rosa's thigh??? my god I hope that bastard gets locked up for what he did to her
aksana and Layla 10/10
Eve 14.2/10
I sense a summer slam diva focus coming soon
Eve, Layla, Naomi, Cameron, and Rosa looks gorgeous in their dresses and had the better dance moves. :)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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