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This is a little bit of reading, but it took me a hour and a half to come up with this stuff. Please read it and let me know what you think.

It starts like this.

Punk Bryan at No Way Out: Kane and Bryan have been introduced, Punks music hits and he comes out, then out behind him comes AJ, to Punk's surprise. Punk and Bryan decide to work together long enough to take out Kane, eventually the match comes down the stretch with Punk and Bryan battling it out. Punk gets Bryan in the Anaconda vice, but Kane comes in to break it up. He chokeslams Punk and goes for the pin. AJ climbs up on the apron distracting the ref, Kane comes and puts his hands around her throat, angry that she interfered with the count. Punk recovers, and for the first time tries to defend AJ. He engages Kane and eventually tosses him over the ropes, AJ becomes overwhelmed that Punk tries to save her. As Punk tries to refocus his attention on Bryan, she calls Punk over to the ropes seductively to give him a kiss, Punk gives a "what the hell, I'll do it" shoulder shrug, but as he leans in, AJ knees him in the jewels, and Bryan sweeps in, rolls him up, gets the 1, 2, 3. Bryan and AJ then embrace each other and do a ridiculously long celebration with them kissing and running all through the arena screaming YES! YES! YES!

Punk and Bryan continue their fued. Over the Raws leading to Money in the bank. In one of the episodes Bryan goes on a rant saying how he proved he was the best in the world, and that he was willing to prove it again in a match that would undoubtedly prove that he was better than Punk, a 60 minute iron man match. Then Laurinitis comes out and has one of his bi-polar moments where he actually aids Punk, and says that he likes the idea of an iron man match, but to prevent outside influence, AJ will be banned from ringside.

At MITB, Punk and Bryan battle down the stretch, the falls even to the last minute. Bryan has Punk in the "Yes" lock with under a minute remaining, but he reverses it into an Anaconda Vice. Bryan tries to hold on to the end of the clock, realizing that Bryan is running out the clock, looking for a draw, Punk gets him up with 30 seconds left, Bryan reverses his attempt at the GTS, and tries to knock Punk out with a high kick to the head, Punk ducks it, catches Bryan with his momentum off, delivers the GTS, and gets the 1,2,3 as the clock counts down to 0. Punk regains the title.

Bryan uses his rematch clause the night after MITB, but loses again to Punk. This is July 15(You'll understand why Bryan has the title rematch later on). After his fued with Punk, Bryan leaves the WWE title picture and begins a fued with Cena or Big Show, which ever ones wins at No Way Out.

Also at Money in the Bank, Ziggler wins the raw Money in the Bank, Ziggler then goes into a heel v. heel fued with Jack Thwagger, and Rhodes wins the Smackdown Money in the bank, continuing his fued with Christian, and other upper midcarders on Smackdown.

Also around this time, Awesome truth should reunite. Truth and Kofi are called out by Titus and Young on Smackdown, they lose to them on Smackdown and then drop titles to them at MITB, the Tag titles then become a Smackdown belt where the tag team division can restart with D Young/Titus, the Uso's, and the up and coming guys. Kofi has a singles match with Miz on Raw, R-Truth comes in to aid Kingston but delivers his finisher on Kofi, Truth and Miz reunite to form Awesome Truth redux. They restart the conspiracy angle for Miz, trying to figue out why he hasn't gotten perks after he helped Johnny win his job at Mania, and Truth can make fun of the lil Jimmy's in the crowd again, instead of high fiving air.

On the Smackdown side, with the WHC I will revert back to a stable I wrote about on here a little while ago, only modified a bit. It goes like this. At No Way Out Sheamus continues his run of good matches on the big stages and beats Del Rio. After Sheamus wins the match and begins to celebrate Wade Barrett theme hits, and he is back from injury. He comes out and sarcastically applauds Sheamus, Sheamus gets upset and calls Barrett down to the ring, Barrett saunters down, but out of the crowd comes two masked big guys wearing hoodies. They jump Sheamus and Barrett comes in and delivers Wasteland. The next night on Raw, Barrett comes out and talks about the History of the UK and Ireland, then the two men come out and unmask themselves. The two men are Drew McIntyre and Mason Ryan. They explain their disdain for the Irish traitors to the crown, and America, of course. This is the beginning of the United Konnection stable, and Barrett Feuds with Sheamus through Summerslam.

Now, back to the reason Bryan used his rematch the Raw before. July 23, will be the 1000 episode of Raw. On this episode CM Punk comes out to celebrate his great run over the last year since the summer of 2011. As Punk is about to wrap he thanks the fans, screams best in the world, then you know who's music drops. "If ya smell, what the Rock, is cooking." He comes out and congratulates Punk for his run over the last year, but reminds everyone that before he left after Mania he made a promise to "The Millions" and as much as he respects Punk, he is standing in the way of "The dream that don't need revampin'" This leads to a match Between Punk and Rock at SummerSlam for the WWE title

Also at the 1000th show something important happens at the DX reunion. Triple h comes out in his DX gear with his armbrace still in tow, In the middle of "we got two words for you," Brock Lesnar's music hits, he comes to the ring and confronts HHH, Michaels backs off into the corner. They talk about the lawsuit, and Triple H starts to bring up stipulations that were in his contract if he took legal action, then HHH says "there's something else I forgot to tell you, a broken arm only takes eight weeks to heal." He then bursts out of his arm brace, before Lesnar can react Shawn hits him with sweet chin music, before he hits the ground HHH catches him and pedigree's him, DX's music hits and HHH stops it before he and Michaels leave the ring. HHH turns to a knocked out Lesnar and says "I got two words for you, Summer Slam." This leads to a feud between HHH and Lesnar.

So thus far the matches at SummerSlam are Punk v. Rock (Punk Rock, lol), Bryan v. Cena or Big Show, Barrett v. Shaemus, Lesnar v. HHH, Ziggler v. Thwagger and Rhodes v. Christian or Kane. I don't really have a plan for how these matches end besides the Punk v. Rock match.

I know you guys are gonna hate this, but hear me out. Punk is gonna lose to the Rock. The match would be epic, but I have Punk losing for this reason. At the end of the match, Punk is frustrated that he lost to a guy that he spent much of the last year complaining about. While the Rock is celebrating, Punk does his angry, hard breathing, scowling face, and puts the Rock on his shoulders and delivers a GTS. This essentially turns Punk heel as everyone loves the Rock, and I love Punk as a heel, so this works for me. Punk leaves the arena to massive boo's. While the Rock is laying in the middle of the ring lifeless, all of a sudden "I'm here to show the world, I'm here to show the world." The Money in the Bank Champion, The Show Off, Dolph Ziggler, fresh off of a dominant victory over Thwagger, comes out and pins a weak Rock and becomes WWE champion. This accomplishes a couple of things, It one allows The Rock to realize his goal of once again being WWE champion, with it only lasting for a few moments, as everyone knows that he won't work the schedule of a champion, and two, it automatically makes Ziggler one of the biggest heels in the company. If Ziggler comes out the next Monday and cuts an epic #heel promo against the Rock, with Punk in the ring also, looking for a rematch, he could go over huge in one night.

So in summation, over the summer, Bryan and Punk will have an epic feud. A heel UK stable is formed to take down Shaemus. Bryan and Cena have a potential feud. Miz and Truth reform Awesome Truth, because I don't think they were allowed to do all they could do the first time around after they were fed to Cena and Rock. HHH and Lesnar get to settle their feud in the ring, instead of the court room. Up and coming guys in the tag team division, and guys like Wade Barrett, Mason Ryan, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, and Ziggler begin to make their mark as these are some of the potential guys that will carry the torch down the road. Punk v. The Rock, might not have the overall sexiness of Rock v. Cena, but it puts Punk in a feud with one of the only guys that can take him to a higher level of stardom than he currently has. And if Ziggler is truly the star he claims to be, and that I think he can be, he could take this kind of opportunity and have a great main event run.

And that is all.
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