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I believe we should have an advertising forum (unless we have one already). I don't think we have one (to my understanding), but an advertising forum would help small forums grow yet would also bring more members to WE-Forums. What do you think of the idea.
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The only advertising alowed here is in sigs. Members have opened threads in Anything witch advertise thier forums, and those threads are quickly closed. If you want to advertise your forum, which you are, keep it in your sig, which you are.

It won't happen. However, how would it "bring more people to WEForums" if we're advertising other sites?

WEForums is big enough as it is. Being this big, we require money to be advertised on our site.

Also, advertising in signatures is much better. For one, most people wouldn't enter an advertising forum BUT to post their site (meaning threads would have few views, leading to very few actual clicks). Secondly, signatures are displayed after every post you create and are unavoidable for the most part (few people remove signatures through the usercp). Finally, the more posts you make, the more posts WEForums receives, and in turn for helping us, you help yourself.
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