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Suggestion regarding thread length.

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I've noticed that on this forum, a thread will get ten posts in, and another page will be created. So a thread with 33 posts will look like this:

The Undertaker (1,2,3)

I think that allowing, say, 50 posts per page would lead to higher quality discussion. What I'm seeing at the moment is somebody reading a thread title, and just clicking the latest page, eg (6), to post their view on it, Certainly, if a thread contains a rather in-depth discussion on a certain topic, a user might be inclined to read a well thought out, in-depth first post, if they are forced to scroll past it after clicking (1).

Basically, I feel the original POINT of the thread gets kind of lost, and the short, thread title gets taken as the overall point of the OP.

I post on forums, and feel having more posts per page leads to higher quality discussion. Just a suggestion though.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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