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With NXT going to end either in February or March and then Tough Enough taking its place(assuming tough enough is done like it used to be, we won't be needing a wwe arena at all and it can be taped anytime basically), this will be the first time that WWE only really had 2 "brands" since before they brought back ECW in 2006(nxt isnt really a brand, but nxt featured rookies who didn't appear on raw or sd compared to a show like superstars which features raw and sd roster members)

So might this change possibly mean we get a new stage design for Raw and SD or what? When the stages changed at first, it was because they wanted it to be in HD and it'd be easier to set up because sometimes Raw had ECW tapings with it and sometimes Smackdown had ECW tapings(or nxt tapings) with it.

Now its going back to the old format of just Raw and SD(and the other show which nobody watches, sorta like velocity and heat), but for those who watched velocity and heat would know that the stage design for heat was the same as raw and velocity was same as SD.

They should keep the tron size(after seeing cm punk standing ontop of it, you really start to realize just how big the tron was) as well as the minitrons, but should at least alter the stage design so it's just just a big led screen.
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