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How come when I put this for an avatar:
It says: vBulletin Message
The file that you have tried to attach is too big. The maximum size is 20000 bytes. Cause I know it's not too big, and it says file when I entered it in the http thing.


If no "you" threads are allowed then can you make a forum all about "you" threads? You know, so if you wanna know what people think about you, if it's bad thing, then you could act better and ask the same thing about a month later, just an idea...
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Yes it is too big. As the message says, the maximum size of an avatar is 20,000 bytes. While the one you wanna use is 360,847 bytes, WAY over the limit. I think you were confused by the pixel limit.

As for the forum, if you need to know what people think of you online, you have a problem...
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