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Strongest Women in Pro-Wrestling

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So I'm sure everyone knows Chyna and I bet a lot of people here know Beth Phoenix too. (I don't keep up with modern wrestling myself) Sadly they are a rare breed in the big leagues. Even when a modern female wrestler isn't terrible in the ring, they're often more athletic than anything because the insecure majority want women with curvy bodies, not rippling muscles.

Anyway, in my many years on the internet I've seen plenty of topics asking "who's the strongest wrestler?" (the answer is probably Mark Henry or Bill Kazmaier) However I've seen very little discussion about the mightiest ladies of wrestling.

So, good people of the forum, who do you think are the strongest gals ever to enter the squared circle? I'm looking for more of a list and not just a #1. Maybe Top 10 or Top 5 if you can manage.

And I'll be honest about the fact I'm more interested in North American stuff than Japanese. I don't mind if you list strong Japanese women though.

Anybody remember Asya?

I wonder if she'd rank high up there.
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I'd go with Chyna, Nicole Bass, and Kaitlyn all former bodybuilders all extremely strong.
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