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I have no idea if this is one of those posts that'll get closed right away, but here goes nuthin':

Neese, Sorenson, Young, Ion, Moore, Haskins, Kash, Gunner and G. Bischoff.
Gunner? No!

What to do:
Push Sorenson to the moon once he comes back, but have Bischoff/Young/Neese go on a face run against Ion until then.
Ion is not good enough to carry the division, let Kash do it.

Television Championship:
Dinero, Robbie E, Williams, Devon, Hernandez, Robbie T, and Crimson
I would like to see some technical guys.
What to do:
PUSH DINERO!!! One of the Dumbest moves TNA is making right now is that they dont see the Pope as a perfect "Television Champion". The guy has the whole package and if you fued him with Robbie E or Williams after they take it from Devon, Pope WILL get over! (sorry for the emotion on that, i just think this is a huge mistake on TNA's part)
For sure better then half the guys on TV.

Womens Division:
I hate say it, and I'm not sexist, but let the whole division go, and keep ODB, Velvet, Mickie, and Gail say as valets. (Tessmacher's a maybe)
Gail Kim is a great wrestler, Mickie is decent, bring in better women wrestlers to face them.

Tag Team Championships:
Joe/Magnus, MCMG, Daniels/Kaz, and Anderson/Hardy
Not Anderson and Hardy please. They have both been decent since they came back, just not as a tag team. Unless they are going to build up the other teams.

What to do:
I'm actually growing as a fan of Joe/Magnus, but I would have them lose to Daniels/Kaz, and then have Anderson/Hardy take the titles and hold them until Bound for Glory where they challenge MCMG in a Face tag-team vs Face tag-team matchup where the Guns win clean and get the attention for beating 2 established stars on a grand stage. (maybe go heel after they win???) I think they should put Daniels and Kaz as a full time team.

Heavyweight Championship:
Styles, Storm, Roode, RVD, Aries, and Bully Ray
Pretty much what we got.

What to do:
Have AJ become the company's Face after Roode and Storm play out their little battle. Roode drops to Storm, then Storm to Bully, who carries the title for a couple months, an drops the title to AJ at Bound For Glory. (Variable for heel before BFG could be Aries, but I think Aries would be best suited for taking on AJ with the title to add to his cred.)
Roode should hold the belt, maybe losing it for a month to Storm.

Sting: 2 more high profile matches maximum in TNA and then have him manage someone (or make him the 1st TNA Hall of Famer and let him go)
Sting had a good match with Roode and proved he could still go.
What if they brought in a youngster and gave him face paint.
Flair: Heel Manager for guys who have little or no speaking skills as a heel, like Anthony Neese for example. (You can have him and Sting trade occasional blows when "their guys" go at it.)

I think that covers everything that isn't "going live", or "going on the road".

TNA has the blocks, they just need to build.
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