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Storylines of 2011/Future

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If Its on WWE or TNA , what storylines/feuds/push do you guys want to see happen in this new year?
Maybe a cena turns heel storylines or a new take over storylines? You guys voice your thoughts please
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Wade Barrett vs. Edge

Morrison vs. CM Punk

Christian vs. Del Rio

Kane vs. Kofi Kingston

Drew Mcintyre vs. Edge

Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian

Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett

The Miz vs. HHH

Daniel Bryan vs. Cm Punk

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Del Rio vs. Y2J

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Morrison vs. Punk
Drew Mac vs. Edge
Morrison vs. Miz
Barrett vs. Edge
Ryan vs. Punk
Swagger vs. Bryan
Kofi vs. Barrett

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Mark Henry vs Himself in a Bodyslam Challenge!

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Angles long over due return at summerslam you read it first from me :p btw the whole Cena turning heel thing i hope you dont get much heat from the people in this froum hopefully he will its about time they had a massive and i mean massive heel turn.

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Triple H/CM Punk
Lower card pushes to mid. Dibiase winning US title, Tatsu/Dibiase etc
Kane/Big Show
Orton (turn back to a dam heel where you belong) /Edge

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Miz goes to Smackdown in the draft, and rivals with Del Rio
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