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Storyline-wise, what did HHH do to deserve such beating by Roman Reigns?

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I loved the ending but they should've had HHH attack/pedigree Reigns during the match and cost him the WWE title then it would've made more sense for HHH getting such a beating considering Reigns is a babyface and not a heel.
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HHH used Sheamus as a back up plan at Survivor Series in case Reigns refused to shake his hand, which he did.

Sheamus hit the ring immediately following HHH and won the title and had his arm raised aloft by him.

Sheamus and his geek squad then stopped Reigns reclaiming the title and as he's in the process of giving them a well deserved beating, the guy who is the root cause of all this shows up and tells him to stop. :HHH

If he hadn't of beat the shit out of him then it would have been a huge missed opportunity for WWE.

It made complete sense for once.
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