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  • Gambler

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  • Its personal

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  • Money buys everything

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  • Pays to be Roode

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As most of you i find impact very refreshing as of late. However i always wanted to be part of the creative team for TNA. I like thinking of what feuds/story lines could work if given the right focus. Although i'm never going to be a creative writer for them i still throw ideas around in my head. So wanted to get some feedback on a few ideas.

Option one
Gambler storyline​
DX ppv – X division is up for grabs, lets say Zema Ion wins. So the next episode of impact, you see Bully Ray walk pass Zema and congrats him on winning the title and wishes him the best for his match (on impact). Zema wins with interference of Ray. Zema seems confused. Next few weeks Bully takes Zema under his wing and shows him the champion life, money, girls, partying and gambling. With weeks of Bully helping Zema retain his title and showing him the good life, we start to see a different Zema. He becomes nervous and frustrated. Weeks pass and then there is videos of Zema gambling. His addiction spirals out of control. We then learn that bully has lent Zema money and he has lost it, and starts to demand it back. This starts to Zema losing (non title matches) and bully ray not helping.
As BFG closes in Bully gives the ultimatum to Zema that he either pays him or hands the X title over. Zema hands over the title over. Yet bully says he is not finished and now Zema will be his bitch. Makes him do his dirty work and slowly turns Zema face for a match at BFG.
(Reason say X division title is because of the new clause (X champ next year can have world title shot – gives bully a match against reigning champ storm and they have a little series together).

Option 2
Segments Crimson whining to anyone that will listen about the fluke loss to Storm at Slammy. It ends up with Devon telling Crimson to quit yapping. Crimson is furious. Next week, Devon opens up an impact issuing a challenge to anyone on open fight night. Out comes Crimson, who actually wins through cheating. Crimson starts becoming over cocky/confident. Segments of him out in public with the TV title boasting to beat up any guy or have any girl he wants. One Segment he is at the bar flirting with this hot chick. Out comes her boyfriend who happens to be a debuting Chris Masters. They start brawling and Crimson manages to escape. Next week Crimson is boasting how he took down this huge guy. He calls out this random guy on impacts after winning his matches. Nothing happens. Then OFN. Hogan see’s Crimson and tells him to lace up his boots because he will be in the gut check. Crimson awaits, and out comes Chris Masters. They have a brawl which ends in Crimson running off. Masters is eventually told he won’t be offered a contract because he weren’t being professional and let personal issues get involved. Crimson comes out next week boasting he is the man, HH comes out saying it was unfair and that he will offer Masters one chance at next ppv. In which in order to earn contract he must win the TV title.

Option 3
Money buys everything
Have someone one the roster become very rich, Let’s say Magnus. He starts coming out in expensive suits and living the playboy lifestyle. He states money can buy him anything he wants. We see him use his wealth in segments like buying cars, houses etc. As a few weeks pass, we start to see Magnus who was on a previous losing streak, storming to the top of the BFG series leader board. His victories seem dodgy. We then find out that he has been paying the ref/other superstars (heels) to fix the match in his favour (Daniels/kaz and even Pope). When HH find out he is furious and throws him out the competition. Magnus becomes furious and just happens to align himself with Bobby Roode on an impact. Magnus helps Roode defend title and in return would like Roode to use his champ power to get him a match with a champion (X division/Tv title). Roode manages to get Magnus an X division match. HH angrily accepted but puts the stipulation that he will choose the ref who won’t be brought by. Let’s say Joseph Parks (not the best) JP gets trained as a ref. Him and x champ start to feud with Magnus, and they have a match at a ppv. The match ends with the revealing that JP has been paid by Magnus. HH comes out screwing to which JP twitches and then throws a black hole slam to former x champ and then crashes to the floor wondering what just happened.

Option 4
Pays to be Roode
Roode comes out stating how he has beaten everyone,overcome every obstacle thrown at him. Now there is time for change. He wants a new contract with a 100% pay rise. Why? Because it pays to be Roode, people only come to impact/order ppvs because of him. HH tells him to shut up and he will have his work cut out to beat the BFG series winner. Roode starts saying that he has been approached by another company and unless he gets his own contract with his own terms then he is taking the world title to another promotion. This forces TNA executives to give him whatever he wants. One term states he only now has to fight on ppv’s. We then see Roode getting later and later for impact. Sometimes not even showing. We see segments with Roode refusing to face individuals and then starts picking his own opponents (Roobie E/Eric Young etc).
This aligns Magnus at the time with Roode with both being rich. Roode goes on a hiatus of drinking and partying and says he will only show up at BFG. Storm being the winner of BFG series does promo’s where he is here for the fans, he is loyal, and he will be a people’s champion. He goes searching for Roode but can never quite get hands on him.
2 impacts before BFG we see Roode kidnapped from his hotel room. The fans and TNA start to wonder what will happen to the title match? A cage match is announced for the final impact main event. Between Storm and Magnus. Storm wins in convincing fashion. Then the lights go down and someone is in the cage. Lights back on, hood is taken off and its Roode. The masked men are Angle/AJ and Aries. They leave Roode begging. Superkick. Picks up the mic and says see you at BFG, Sorry about your damn luck.
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