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So I was lookin over some of the nifty things you can "purchase" in the store and it got me to wondering. I don't know if anyone really cares about'em (I don't know if anyone ever did since it was put into action during my sabatical from the boards) but if there's interest in'em I've got a few ideas that, if liked, could be emplaced.

Now I know points can't be donated to members anymore, but does that mean contests where you could win them are out of the question aswell? If not, one idea that popped into my head pertains to the graphics forum. .mac started a thread wondering what could be done to spark interest there. Well, a bi-weekly/monthly contest where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners won a certain amount of points would be an idea. Some questions could arise from that like "what about the guys who already make banners 'proffesionaly'" (for lack of a better term.) Well, anyone who wins wouldn't be able to participate for atleast another month. (Or a time everyone agreed upon if that don't work for ya)

Another idea I had was, every month, we could award points in 3 categories.

Most improved member - (more for the nOObs, but, and I hate to pick on him but I use him as an example, canyoudigthesucka and folks like him) That could help out in the post department because, and this is just an hypothesis, it would make members think about spamming less because they'd be rewarded for it.

Most helpful (or something along the lines of that)

and maybe Best all-around poster. Someone who doesn't stick to one forum, but who doesn't post a bunch of crap at the same time.

I know these ideas aren't the greatest but I'm just jotting down starter ideas that, if a large portion and the mods/admins approve of'em, we could put into action to boost productivity.

I've got another idea in regards to the graphics forum, but I'll post it in there since it only has to do with that.

Well, voice your opinions on whether you think these suck or are worth considering, and any ideas you have in regards to it.
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I don't like the idea of a banner competition as I believe there will too much bias on the makers of the banners. If it were anonymous then yeah, do it.
I will move this to suggestions cause really, that's what it is.
If we want to increase useage on the forums then maybe we could have post counts active in all forums. I know the downside to that is that people will spam more but there's already enough shit posts with one or two word replies on the boards as it is. It'll make no difference.
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