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Melted candy meltdown lands Charleston woman in jail on attempted murder charge


Melted candy led a Charleston convenience store clerk to have a meltdown on a customer Sunday. Now she’s in jail, charged with attempted murder and a weapons violation.

Charleston Police say Angela Tyreka Robinson, 35, beat a customer with a fan, later chased him down in her SUV, then cut and stabbed him.

According to police, the victim said he simply walked back into the Rosemont Pantry on Doscher Avenue Sunday to suggest the store keep its candy in a cooler place, after buying a piece only to find it was melted after he left the store.

It was at that point, the victim told police, Robinson became irate and attacked him. He told police he left the store, but Robinson later pulled up to him on Delano Street, got out of her vehicle, pulled a knife, and began attacking him again.

The victim received a cut to his left arm and a stab wound to his left leg, and was treated for is injuries at Roper Hospital, according to police.

Robinson remains in jail. Her bond has been set at $60,000.
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