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This is Stooges Bear. He knows where you live and he hates you. You will soon hate him too.

Reasons you don't want to fuck with Stooges Bear:

1. Stooges Bear will always criticise your favourite wrestler.

2. Stooges Bear will always send you red rep.

3. Stooges Bear will always fly into a jealous rage should you give another bear more attention.

4. Stooges Bear will always make hate rants on you.

5. Stooges Bear will always Google your email address and hack your Photobucket and provide other Stooges Bears with confidential information about your life...whilst cracking one off, to your nudes.

6. Stooges Bear will always judge you and call you "gay".

7. Stooges Bear will always get any threads, that you worked hard to create, closed.

8. Stooges Bear will punish your bad language, welcoming it with a 'Strangler' Diego Corleone-style promo.

9. Stooges Bear will call you a paedophile, at every possible opportunity...Klebold.

10. Stooges Bear will give you unwanted attention, every day.

11. Stooges Bear will always spam-up your inbox, with nude pictures of the Hardy Boyz.

12. Stooges Bear will press 'Insert' on your keyboard.

13. Stooges Bear will always say you are the same person as another person.

14. Stooges Bear will get you banned.

15. Stooges Bear will always read and bump 18 month old threads.

16. Stooges Bear will ra.pe you, if you tell it you're a girl.

17. Stooges Bear will attack you no matter how old your sign-up date is.

18. Stooges Bear can and will ignore Gary Oak's girth.

19. Stooges Bear will never tolerate you, no matter how tolerable you may be.

20. Stooges Bear has grown tired of repetitive topics.

21. Stooges bear is sexist.

22. Stooges Bear is always racist. Especially towards nig.gers.

23. Stooges Bear does not require you to be a Premium Member to feel his hatred.

24. Stooges Bear talks crap about you on MSN.

25. Stooges Bear will tell everyone that you slept with him.

Feel the wrath of a Stooges Bear today, by visiting this link:


By clicking this link, you will have made the wrong decision.

Fack off!

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Crabtree, you have just escalated about 37 billion levels on the awesome meter with this rant.

Fantastic work.

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:lmao and they say The Stooges can be stopped.

welcome back.
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