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Stone Colds reign as General Manager

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Raw May 5:

Stone Cold comes out to say "Well as my first Raw as G.M. I would like to re-hire someone, J.R.!" Bischoff comes out to say, "Well its 50-50, and we both have to agree." Austin goes on to suggest to have a match with J.R. and Bischoff one on one. Bishcoff and J.R. agree....Later that night before the match Austin is found knocked out in a hallway. J.R. and Bischoff battle it out and Chief Morerly comes out to interfere in the match, and Bischoff wins.

Raw May 12:

Bischoff comes out and says that, the coach will be joining the King instead of J.R. Austin comes out to say, "Well it seems that J.R. would of one but you needed help." Chief Morerly comes out and tells Austin that he's all washed up and he's a has been. Austin challenges Bischoff and Morerly to a tag match and Austin gets to pick his partner. They all agree.....Later that night Austin comes out to reveal his partner to be J.R. Austin and J.R. beat Morerly and Bischoff.

Raw one week before Unforgiven:

Austin comes out to talk about how Bischoff is full of it. Bischoff comes out to make fun of Austin. Austin reminds everybody about he faced the McMahons in a ladder match for the ownership. Austin challenges Bischoff to a ladder match to settle this once and for all. Bischoff agrees


Austin and Bischoff battle it out and, Steven Richards, 3 minute warning, and Chief Morerly all interfere. Austin comes out on top.

Raw day after Uforgiven:

Austin comes out in a very good mood to reveal two special things:
1. to re-hire J.R.
2. to fire Chief Morerly.

Austin should last a few more years in the WWe
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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