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Sting vs. CM Punk - WrestleMania 31

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Sting vs. CM Punk (WM31) - WWE Creative, you’re welcome...

Assuming the rumours are true and Sting will have a retirement match at WM31, if WWE can get Punk to come back it makes more sense IMO than Sting vs. Undertaker.

Here’s why:

- Taker shouldn't wrestle again.
- Sting would be much better off against a younger, smaller guy (as would Undertaker if he had to have one more match).
- It would make the booking more relevant to the younger/casual fan (who may not know or care about Sting).

And it writes itself…

Let's assume Punk left because he was fed up with part-timers taking the main spots at WrestleMania etc. and WWE are happy to use this in the build.

In the run up to WM31 we have Sting debut on RAW, talk about his career - with highlights shown on VT to bring the casual fan up to speed. He mentions how it's always been his dream to headline a WrestleMania and how he wants a retirement match at WM31.

He puts an open invitation to the whole roster for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be his opponent...

...no one comes forward. Then out of nowhere…Punk's music hits. He slowly walks down to the ring shooting a lengthy promo on his way about why he left.

He talks about how he's sick of OAP's coming back demanding the top spots, he shits all over Austin, Rock and Hogan's segment from WM30, he mocks the Undertaker losing his streak and laughs at how the fans are losers for marking out over has-beens.

He says they need to have their eyes opened. He then enters the ring, attacking Sting and leaving him broken on the mat. He leaves, laughing and mocking the fans as he goes.

It’s then revealed that he beat down a few superstars backstage on his way out to the ring to stop them accepting Sting’s challenge (whoever’s a hot rising talent at the time - Reigns / Ambrose etc.) and that he’s left the arena.

We find out Punk wasn't supposed to be on RAW, he isn't even officially back in the WWE.

In the following weeks Punk continues to invade Raw shows beating down older guys (Big Show, Kane etc). I would even suggest having a fan favourite legend like Foley show up for a segment on RAW just to have Punk demolish him.

Whomever is the authority figure kayfabe wise at the time (ideally HHH) is obviously furious. To stop Raw being sabotaged they eventually have to agree to put Punk in a match with Sting at WM31.

The stipulations being that Punk can only return full-time by proving he is better than Sting and winning the match. If he loses - he's done.

Setting up Sting (face) vs Punk (heel) for WM31.


What do you guys think?

I appreciate the stipulation is a bit shaky as most fans would want Punk back, but if it was booked right in the run up he could get some serious heel heat by continuing to shit on the fans and randomly destroying legends. I’m sure the IWC would love it...but the casual fan would hate him.
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If Punk couldn't get a good match out of an in shape Rock twice, what hope has he got against a 55 year old out of shape Sting? IF he's even back for Mania.
Do you really think Rocky and his shitty cardio was in shape? lol
Also his match with Punk in RR was his decent one since he comeback.
You think Sting will be any better? :confused: Rock's in shape compared to Sting, just for the fact that he is younger too.

:lmao the match was shit, as was the EC. It's not as bad as when i first watched it but it's still not even close to decent.
Who knows, is almost impossible to have a worse cardio than Rocky in 2013 (unless you're Batista). The match was shit in terms of Cm Punk standars, but if you compare with the others few Rock performances of the last years ,it wasnt that bad.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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