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Sting vs Christian - Impact 2006?

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I was browsing through a 'best of' match listing somewhere and this match was mentioned but the writer was unable to find any video of it, and for that matter neither have i.

Anyone know what date is was from and/or does anyone gave any recollection of it?
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Amazon.com review excerpt of TNA's Instant Classic: Best of Christian Cage DVD:

TNA Impact November 23 2006

"Christian Cage Vs. "The Icon" Sting
This match was very short and not as good as it should've been but it did serve it's purpose and that was for Tomko to debut. So I understand why it was put on this dvd. Rating 3/5"
That was considered the *big* blowoff to Christian turning on Sting at Hard Justice 06. Terrible.
Cheers, thought it was alot better than that, oh well.
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