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Stewie (Family Guy) Banner

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I just made this banner for fun. Please rate and/or tell me what I should fix.

If you like it, I'd be glad to give it to you...just say so in this thread and I'll PM an avatar to you (if you want).
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I know I should change the font, maybe to one w/some flames. What do you suggest on the blending? I also couldn't think of a right color for the text and its outline.

This is barely like the third banner I've done, so ya...

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Yeah, red, blue and yellow don't exactly go together. It was an okay concept though. The cuts could use some work, I see some white on there. Also, I dislike the colour of the text, you should try to make it something that matches the rest of the banner. Try not to place the pictures in such a random way, like stewie's head is just right in the middle of nowhere. Nice attempt, though.
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