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Well, I've been looking for a place to begin a fantasy federation on and I found this place. I would appreciate any feedback that you may have, good or bad. Now, on to the story.

Following his appearance at WrestleMania 21, Steve Austin goes to the back and watches the two championship matches on the show. John Cena goes over John Bradshaw Layfield to win the WWE Title. Also, a suprise to many fans, Triple H regains the World Title by beating Batista. Austin asks Shane McMahon after that match why Batista didn't go over Triple H.

Shane claims Vince thinks it would be better if Batista captures the belt a month or two from now and not at the biggest show in wrestling. Austin seems baffled at this decision. Austin tells Shane that everyone is tired of seeing Triple H with that damn belt.

Austin then exits the Staples Center and calls his good friend Jack Lanza who he has been associated with for many years since his early days of professional wrestling. Austin discusses the current WWE show and the product itself. Lanza says that many guys are starting to become frustrated because they feel they aren't getting there fair shot in the company. Lanza says they don't complain to management because they will lose their job, but there has been a few rumors about Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit leaving for TNA. Austin says there is no way they can leave the company and go there. Lanza states he is also frustrated with the way this company is going, as Austin stated a few years ago before his abrupt absence from the WWE.

Austin thens asks Lanza about a crazy idea he has had since he left wrestling completely. Austin says he has a friend in Texas that says the area desperately needs a large wrestling business. Austin says he has the finances ready to go and wants to be back into wrestling, but now with the WWE. Lanza says that Vince would be extremely dissapointed in him if he left. Austin tells him to think about it and let him know soon.

A week later, Lanza calls Austin and says things are getting worse within the company. He says four wrestlers have quit the company, Billy Kidman, Paul London, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. He also claims that even the legend, Ric Flair is tired of being paired with Triple H every single day. He says Flair wants to wrestle some more. Austin is stunned. Lanza said he has told Vince he is leaving as well to join this new promotion. Lanza says he has not said anything about Austin though. Austin claims he will call those four guys and make them the foundation of the new company, the Texas Wrestling Alliance. Austin says they will call a meeting and find other staff members. Austin says it is going to be a groundbreaking company and will eventually put the company he made, out of business.

Ok, well that was a decent story I guess. But I will have the roster and other information up in a few minutes.

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Ok this will be the official roster/information page. I will add things to this page as they are added, such as wrestlers, titles, and so forth. This roster probably looks little, but it will grow as things progress. I will also give background as to how each wrestler was brought to the promotion.

Chris Benoit - Benoit was struggling with the WWE to find a right fit for him. He only held the World Heavyweight for a short amount of time in his career in the company. Benoit walked out of the company a week after WrestleMania along with his good friend, Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho -Also frustrated with the WWE as lost the Ladder Match at WrestleMania, which was won by Kane. This meant Jericho would not be getting any future title shots and Vince even told him that he would be putting over Chris Masters for a few weeks. Jericho abruptly left the company with Benoit.

Kurt Angle - Angle became a good friend of Steve Austin a few years ago in the WWE. Austin claimed in his book that Angle was "pure gold." So, with Angle not in the title hunt and being treated somewhat wrongly by the WWE staff, Austin called him and he quickly made the jump to the TWA.

Ric Flair - Jack Lanza stated Flair was angry about his manager role in the WWE with Triple H. Flair claimed he would like to wrestle again on a daily basis. After learning of the concerns within the WWE, Austin called Flair and asked him to work with the TWA which led to this.

Booker T - Being a native of Houston, Booker T decided to jump ship after a call from his good friend Chris Jericho. Jericho talked about the new TWA company and Booker was slated to be in a feud with Heidenreich for a while. Booker wanted out of the company which is he is here.

Eddie Guerrero - Eddie wanted to be involved with a company based in Texas for a while now. After holding the WWE Title for a few months, the creative juices stopped flowing for this man and he was left out of the equation and mainly used as a tag-team wrestler. He seemed frustrated, even on TV sometimes, and decided to join his former radical member, Chris Benoit.

John Bradshaw Layfield - Probably the biggest shock of all the guys to leave the WWE. After losing to John Cena and losing the WWE Title, Vince talked to JBL and discussed his future plans. Layfield came out of the meeting very unhappy and actually called Austin. Austin told him he was welcome in the company.

Christian - Decided to make the jump hoping to reignite his career as a solid singles wrestler.

Raven - An old friend of Steve Austin, Raven was called by Austin and gladly accepted as he was somewhat ready to leave TNA because it was not a very stable company.

Billy Kidman / Paul London - Very unhappy as they felt they weren't getting their spot where they belonged in the WWE. Left the company along with Jericho and Benoit.

Ron Simmons - Wanted to get back into wrestling. Often criticized for his wrestling style, he was called by JBL who had just made the jump.


Cactus Jack - Joined the TWA after a long talk with Steve Austin about returning to the world of pro wrestling. First contacted Vince McMahon, but then decided the TWA was the place for him as he would have a program with Raven.

Rob Van Dam - RVD called up Austin after showing stress in the WWE. RVD was battling with Chris Masters and Simon Dean and felt that the WWE would never put him where he needed to be. So he contacted Steve Austin and has since shown impact in TWA.

Like I said, roster will be updated as I go. I will have the first show up later tonight along with the staff.

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Don't think I have ever seen something like this done, such a descriptive background story. So far the roster looks good and I hope you add the likes of RVD, Monty Brown and Rikishi. I'm not telling you to add these people but I think it would be a good addition. Hope to see your first show soon.

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Background Note : The WWE has made the jump to USA Network. This leaves their timeslot open for TWA TV. This first show is about an hour in length.

INAUGURAL SHOW – Monday, May 2, 2005

Opening Segment :

The owner of the TWA, Steve Austin comes out and begins speaking to the crowd in Houston, Texas.

Austin – “I would like to be the first to welcome you to the first ever Texas Wrestling Alliance show.(Crowd begins “What!”) Here in Houston, Texas(What!) Live on Spike TV(What!) 7:00 P.M.(What!)Drink a few beers(What!) Watch a few matches(What!) Listen to Steve Austin(What!) I’m not gonna sit out here and run my mouth for twenty minutes like Vince McMahon. That just ain’t me.

“Now onto serious business. As you all know out there, I am Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hell, the name “Stone Cold” might be a trademark of World Wrestling Entertainment. Now, I have two choices. I can keep the name, or I can stop using the name. I guess it will be up to the fans in good ol’ Houston. If you think Stone Cold Steve Austin sounds good, gimme a hell yeah!!(Hell Yeah!) That’s what I thought.

“Now onto more business. I figured I would start this company off right tonight by holding an 8 man tournament for the TWA Heavyweight Championship. Now don’t get your hopes up, I’m not in the tournament. I mean hell, if Stone Cold Steve Austin was in the tournament, it would be a one man tournament. (Large Pop) So tonight, we will see Chris Benoit vs. Raven(What!), Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle(What), Booker T vs. Ric Flair(What!), Chris Jericho vs. John Layfield(What!), Stone Cold drinking some beers(What!), Stone Cold drinkin’ more beers(What!), Eatin some hot dogs(What!). I’m gonna do all that because this is my company, and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!


Raven vs. Chris Benoit – 1st Round TWA Title Tournament
Match – Solid match by these two performers and a great way to kick off the new company. Raven actually controlled most of the match until the final two minutes or so when Benoit gained the advantage. Ending: Raven goes for the Raven Effect, but Benoit counters in a German Suplex. Benoit then proceeds to give two more German Suplexes and then applies the Crossface. Just as the crossface is applied, Raven gets up and grabs Benoit, but Benoit gives him a small package for the win. Afterwards, Benoit exits and Raven is furious and attacks referee Teddy Long. 7:59

A large black limo arrives at the arena, and Ric Flair gets out of the limo. Flair looks around and has a huge smile on his face.

Flair – “WHOOOOOO!!!!! The Nature Boy has arrived in the Texas Wrestling Alliance. Watch out Booker T, cause here comes Ric Flair. Now driver, get the man’s bags. WHOOOOOO!!!!!”


Chris Jericho vs. John Layfield – 1st Round TWA Title Tournament
Match – A great match, possibly the best put on by John Layfield in his career. Back and forth the entire match and the crowd was into this one a lot more than the first one. Layfield even got a few cheers from the Houston crowd. Ending : Layfield went for the Clothesline from Hell but Jericho ducked under and set Layfield up for the Walls of Jericho. Layfield held on for about 25 seconds but then Jericho pulled him away from the ropes and Layfield tapped to give Jericho the victory and advance in the title tournament. Afterwards, Jericho celebrates. 10:09.

We cut backstage where we see newly acquired announcer, Gene Okerlund, standing with Kurt Angle.

Gene – “Kurt Angle, welcome to the Texas Wrestling Alliance. Tonight, you will go one on one with a familiar foe, Eddie Guerrero. What are your thoughts on this upcoming match?”

Angle – “Well Gene, let me first say that I am glad to be here in the TWA. Now, me and Steve go way back and although he’s not a better wrestler than me, he is going to do a good job running this company. Now onto what’s his name. Oh yeah, Eddie freakin Guerrero. Gene, Eddie is what many like to call a coward. He ran away from all his problems in the past and he’s just a bad guy. When he beat me in that other company at a pretty large pay per view, I didn’t care. It’s what I like to call luck. Eddie Guerrero can’t even stay in the same ring as me. So tonight’s match isn’t important. I’m more worried about my opponent in the finals. So, whoever it is I face next week and in the finals, they better be ready. Because I have been shining my medals and drinking my milk. Three glasses a day to be exact. All these other guys I’ve faced before. Except for that dork Raven, but he’s out of the hunt, so he doesn’t count. I am going to go out on a limb and say that I will win the whole thing and become the first TWA champion. Now, I have to go prepare for my match with a nice glass of cold Vitamin C milk. Have a great night Gene.”

Gene – “Well it seems like Kurt Angle is definitely drinking something folks. Back to you J.R.

J.R – “Coming up next ladies and gentleman, Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero.


Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero – 1st Round TWA Title Tournament
Match – Superb wrestling match. Pure wrestling the entire way and Angle was getting some serious heat from the crowd, while Eddie was a huge fan favorite. Really just nothing but amateur wrestling moves in this one. Ending : Angle and Eddie are down on the mat with referee Bill Alfonso at an 8 count. Angle gets up as does Eddie and then Angle hits Eddie but Eddie then picks Angle up and slams him. Eddie goes up top for the splash, but Angle gets up and runs and hits the belly to belly off the tope rope. Angle then picks him up and gives him the Olympic Slam for the surprisingly clean win. Afterwards, Angle puts the Ankle Lock on Eddie untils officials, Jack Lanza, Arn Anderson, Fit Finlay, and Bobby Eaton break it up. 12:11

The camera goes back stage where we see Austin on the phone.

Austin – “Are you watching these matches man. I mean, this is what wrestling is all about. This isn’t the damn WWE. It’s the TWA. So, after watching all this, I’m sure you’ll be here next week. Uh huh, I’ll find something for you. Hell we’ll drink a few beers and catch up on some stuff. Hell yeah, I’ll see you next week.”

Raven bursts in Austin’s office.

Raven – “What about me, what about Raven. I was screwed out there Steve. Benoit had the tights when he rolled me up. What about me? I want a rematch tonight.”

Austin – “Hold the hell on. You just barged in Stone Cold’s office. My damn office. I don’t like that. I don’t like you. Hell, why the hell are you here anyways? But Raven, I’m a generous man, I’m Stone Cold Steve Austin. So next week, right here on TWA TV, you will go one on one with the person I just got off the phone with. Let me warn you, he’s a guy who can open up a can of whoop ass on anybody in wrestling, and has done it many times. Oh yeah, and just because I don’t like you, we’ll make it Hardcore Rules. You might think that benefits you, but trust me son, it don’t. Now get the hell out of my office!”

Raven walks out with a smile and the camera follows him as he exits the arena.


Booker T vs. Ric Flair – 1st Round TWA Title Tournament
Match- Talk about old school Ric Flair in this one. Flair really played to the crowd and taunted them a ton. Booker gained a late advantage on Flair. Ending : Booker goes for the Book End, but Flair gives him the low blow. Flair then pushes Booker into the ref. Booker stumbles back and Flair pulls the brass knuckles out his trunks and nails Booker in the head. Referee Charles Robinson regains himself, and counts the three to give Flair the win. Afterwards, Flair WHOOO’s the crowd. 10:16

J.R. – “Well folks, I would say it’s been a great night of action here on the first show for the Texas Wrestling Alliance.”

Terry Funk – “No doubt about it J.R. Steve Austin has put on a great show for us tonight.”

J.R – “ Next week folks, it will be Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle in what should be a showcase, and we just learned it will be Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair in the other semifinal matchup. Also, Raven takes on a mystery opponent in a Hardcore Rules match. We’ll see you next week folks!”


Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Opinions, predictions, other stuff are also welcome.

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TWA TV – Monday, May 9, 2005

The show begins with a short video package of last week’s tournament action with “My Way” by Limp Bizkit as the video theme. The package shows highlights of Stone Cold as we come on the air.

JR – “Welcome everyone to TWA TV here on the only network for men, Spike TV. Tonight, we are live from the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas. I’m Jim Ross with Tazz by my side, we will call the action here tonight and what great action it should be.”

Tazz – “That’s right J.R. Tonight, we are gonna see some rocketbusters with Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair and Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle. I’m gonna take the Nature Boy winning it all JR.”

JR –“I’m not sure about that pick Tazz but there is another interesting thing that will occur tonight. Last week, Owner Stone Cold Steve Austin told Raven he would meet someone this week in a “Hardcore Rules” Match. I’m excited to see who that will be. But folks, we are about to kick off the show with Booker T going one on one with Eddie Guerrero."

Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero – Singles Match
MATCH : Excellent contest with Booker gaining the early advantage but after about the 5 minute mark, Eddie takes complete control as he plays to the crowd and really there seems as if the crowd is split in who to root for. Pretty good wrestling all in all which led to a good finish.
ENDING : Booker goes for the Book End and hits it. Booker goes for the cover but Guerrero kicks out of the Book End. Booker looks very surprised at this and the crowd goes wild as they seem to lean more toward Eddie. Booker then picks Eddie up and goes for another Book End, but Eddie gets out and sweeps his leg. Eddie then applies a Boston Crab like maneuver. Booker gets out and goes for a clothesline but Eddie ducks and hits a DDT to Booker. Eddie then goes up top for the Frog Splash and gets the victory after Bill Alfonso counts the three. Afterwards, while Eddie is celebrating, Booker gets up and nails Eddie with a chair. The crowd turns completely on Booker T. Booker continues to bash Eddie with the chair until officials break it up.

The camera pans backstage where we see Stone Cold in the office with Chris Jericho.

Jericho –“Ya know Steve, what just happened out there should not be tolerated on this show. But Booker T is an idiot anyways. So why exactly did you want to see me?”

Austin – “Well Chris, let me tell you something. I don’t like Ric Flair. I will never like Ric Flair. He’s a jackass. So what I want you to do is go out there and kick his ass all over this arena tonight. Hell son, I don’t care if you win the tournament, just whoop that old bastard’s ass. He doesn’t belong in wrestling anymore, so just go out there and open up a can on him. Do you get what I’m saying?”

Jericho –“Steve, you have no worries tonight. Flair is an old has-been and I will defeat him and move onto face whoever in the finals of this tournament. I am going to make this company proud as it’s first Heavyweight Champion. And I promise you, there is no one who will stop me. Not even that 96 year old dinosaur, Ric Flair.”

Ric Flair enters the office with a huge smile on his face. He is strutting and dancing as he looks at the two men.

Flair – “WHOOOOO!!! Chris Jericho, Steve Austin! How’s it going fellas. I just came in here to talk to my buddy Steve but look who’s in here. My opponent in the tournament, Chris Jericho. Have you been warming up Chris? Because you are gonna need it. You are facing the Nature Boy! WHOOOOOOO!! Now Steve, I got a question. Why does the Nature Boy not have his own locker room?”

Austin – “Well Ric, basically because this isn’t the WWE or WCW. There is two locker rooms, pick one and change in there.

Flair – “I’m not so sure about that Steve. I am Ric Flair. I am a former World Champion. I deserve my own locker room damn it.

Jericho starts smiling and begins speaking.

Jericho – “Ric, will you please SHUT THE HELL UP! I’m tired of your whining. You are an old has-been. So I mean hell, go change in the bathroom or the janitor’s closet. No one really cares. Or better yet, why don’t you go make another commercial. I remember that one you made where you were pulling that jackass around. Hell Ric, you two might be related.”

Flair – “Don’t make fun of my commercials. I’m the Nature Boy!”

Jericho – “Yeah in that commercial, you were the jackass boy! Now, I’m gonna leave this office. So Ric, go take your vitamins and get you some oxygen because your gonna need it tonight against Chris Jericho.”

Jericho exits and Flair looks as Austin.

Flair – “I know you liked that commercial Steve.”

Austin – “Ric, if you don’t get the hell out of here, I’m gonna open a can of whoop ass on you. Oh yeah, and Ric, I’ve decided something, your match with Jericho is NEXT!”

Flair looks worried and exits the office.


Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair – Semifinals TWA Title Tournament
MATCH : Kind of a classic wrestling match, with the good guy and bad guy clearly defined. Flair played to the crowd with is usual antics. Jericho controlled most of the match with Flair playing the “not prepared” card. A decent match though.
ENDING : Flair locks in the Figure Four Leglock. But Jericho counters it into the Sharpshooter. Flair manages to reach the ropes. Jericho picks Flair up and tosses to the topes, Flair bounces off and Jericho applies the Sleeper Hold to Flair. Flair gets to the second arm raise and Jericho holds his arm up for him. Jericho then throws Flair down and hits the LionSault for the 1-2-3. After the match, Jericho stands over Flair and laughs at him as the crowd goes crazy.

JR –“That was a hell of a match Tazz. Jericho advances just as he said he would. Maybe Flair will stop his whining now.”

We cut to the back where we see John Layfield staring in the mirror. Layfield continues to stare and then becomes somewhat angry. He punches the mirror and breaks it. He then grabs his bags and leaves the arena.

JR –“What was that all about?”

Tazz – “Layfield looks very angry. But where is he going!”

The camera cuts to where we see Stone Cold heading to the ring.


“Glass shatters” and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring. The crowd is going crazy as usual and he gets in the ring.

Austin –“I want that jackass Raven to get out here right now!”

Raven comes out and slowly walks to the ring with a huge smile on his face. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Raven –“Well well well. I’m actually quite happy to see this person, because Steve, that means I get to beat the crap out of someone. This match is Hardcore Rules. Do you know who I am? I am basically the king of hardcore. I am Raven. There is no one who can beat me in a hardcore match. I have too much experience.”

Austin – “That’s interesting. Well my friend is here. He just arrived in the building. Hell, why should we wait any longer. So, I guess this is the guy who Raven is going to beat tonight here in San Antonio, Texas in a Hardcore Rules match. All I got to say Raven is, BANG BANG!”

Cactus Jack walks out from the back as the crowd goes absolutely insane. He walks down the ramp and Raven’s face goes completely white. He steps back and gets out of the ring. Jack gets in the ring and shakes Austin’s hand and Austin exits.

Raven vs. Cactus Jack – Hardcore Rules Match
MATCH : Talk about a one-sided match. Cactus completely controls this one and gets the easy win in about 5 minutes or so. Cactus just beats Raven with every object he can find. Raven looks scared to death the entire match and even tries to run away.
ENDING: Cactus hits a DDT through the announcer’s table and then gets on the top rope and delivers an elbow for the victory.

JR –“CACTUS JACK CACTUS JACK!!! By Gawd Tazz, Jack is here in the TWA!”

Tazz –“Wow JR. Raven got crushed out there tonight!”


We come back on the air and see Kurt Angle drinking a glass of milk as he heads to the ring.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle – Semifinals TWA Title Tournament
MATCH : ***** match here. An excellent wrestling match and it was no short of a classic encounter between these two men. Back and forth the entire way and a pretty lengthy contest.
ENDING : Angle gives Benoit a German Suplex, then Benoit gets up and gives Angle one. Then they trade blows, then there is a double clothesline. Angle is the first to get up and he goes for the Olympic Slam but Benoit reverses it into the crossface. Angle quickly get out and pushes Benoit into the referee Charles Robinson. Robinson stays on his feet and Angle goes for the quick rollup on Benoit. Angle has a handful of tights and places his feet on the ropes. Robinson never sees it and counts the three to give Angle the win and advancement to the finals. Afterwards, Angle leaves the ring fast and starts yelling something about Chris Jericho.

JR- “What a night of action Tazz. Cactus Jack returns to wrestling here in the TWA. Also, we now know that it will be Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle in the finals of the TWA Heavyweight Title Tournament.”

Tazz – “Well so much for my Flair prediction. After seeing Angle tonight, I’m taking Kurt Angle to win it all next week.”

JR – “Since this is TWA, next week on TWA TV, it will be the finals of the tournament for the Heavyweight Championship. Plus, Stone Cold has just informed us folks that he will have information next week on the first pay per view for TWA. But you will see a title match next week on cable TV. See you next week folks!”


Well I would appreciate more feedback. Thanks.

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TWA TV PREVIEW - Monday May 16, 2005

SITE: Dallas, TX

Well folks, this what we've all been waiting for. The finals of the TWA Heavyweight Tournament will take place on TWA TV. Owner, Stone Cold Steve Austin feels that there is no need to hold a championship match on pay per view. So, on Spike TV, it will be Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle in the finals. One man will walk out of Dallas, Texas as the first ever TWA Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking of Pay-Per-View, Jim Ross announced as we were going off the air last week that Steve Austin would have an announcement regarding the first Pay-Per-View in the Texas Wrestling Alliance. Who knows what kind of announcement this will be or who will be headlining this event.

Cactus Jack returned last week to suprise Raven. Cactus beat Raven in a "Hardcore Rules" match in easy fashion. Will Raven have something to say after the beating he took last week? Or will the legend of Cactus Jack be too much for Raven?

Also, John Layfield was staring in the mirror last week and suddenly broke it with his fist. JL abruptly left the arena after that. What is going through the mind of John Layfield? Will we find out this week?

Plus, just announced, Booker T and Eddie will fight in a rematch from last week. This one ended very ugly, so who knows what will go down this week.

Tune in live from Dallas, Texas!

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This is a very interesting plot you have going here that I think has never been done before. I will be reading!

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TWA TV – Monday, May 16, 2005

SITE : Dallas, TX

:The shows comes on the air with a highlight package of last week’s semifinal action in the TWA Title Tournament. It includes the wild finish in the Kurt Angle-Chris Benoit match, and Jericho cleanly defeating Ric Flair. Then, as the package shows the return of Cactus Jack, we heard the voice of Raven coming from the ring.

Raven –“Stop the freakin video! What Cactus Jack did to me last week was absolutely wrong! In case you people have forgotten, I am Raven. I am the king of hardcore wrestling. There is no one out there who can beat me!

(Crowd begins “You got beat” chants)

Raven – “You fans are complete morons. I really don’t why some of the boys in the back listen to you. You are complete idiots. Now, back to last week. Cactus, you made your little comeback last week and all I’ve heard for a week is “Cactus this” and “Cactus that”. WHO GIVES A DAMN! Huh, what about me, what about Raven, what about the king of hardcore wrestling? I am a damn pro, and Cactus Jack is nothing but a fat slob!”

(More Cactus chants from the crowd)

Raven – “Don’t make me come out there in those seats and kick all of your asses. You all want to be like Raven and you know it. Regardless of what anybody says, I did not get beat last week on TWA TV. Cactus Jack did not beat me. As a matter of fact…….

: “Bang Bang” hits and out comes Cactus Jack. The crowd goes crazy and is going nuts as Cactus gives the bang bang sign toward Raven. Raven looks surprised and calls Jack toward the ring. Jack stays on the ramp instead.

Cactus –“BANG BANG!!!! Raven, I’m tired of sitting back there listening your stupid bullshit. Cactus Jack is here in the TWA and you just happen to be the first victim. Oh, and you claim you didn’t get beat last week, well I have something for you. Roll the footage.

:The footage is shown of Cactus beating Raven with chairs, trash lids, and a kendo stick. This continues for a minute when Raven gets angry.

Raven – “That’s it Jack. I can’t take this anymore. I came out here to say something and I’m going to do it. To prove to you that last week was a fluke, I am here to challenge you Cactus Jack. Not to a hardcore match tonight if that’s what your thinking. I am challenging you to a series of hardcore matches. Best of Five matches. So basically, in Cactus terms, the first to win three matches. The winner of the match gets to choose the next type of Hardcore match. It can be any kind of match, as long as it is within Hardcore Rules. What about it Cactus?

Cactus –“Well Raven, let’s see. I whooped your ass last week. I’ve whooped your ass in the past, I think I can whoop your ass three more times!

(Crowd goes wild)

Raven – “Ok, well then, since I choosed this challenge, I pick the first match. First match, right here, right now on TWA TV. You and me in a First Blood Match. Now, Austin, get me a damn referee down here! Now!

: Referee Bill Alfonso slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Then Cactus makes his way to the ring.

Raven vs. Cactus Jack – Match 1 of Hardcore Challenge – First Blood Match
MATCH: Raven begins the match beating the hell out of Jack inside the ring. As the match progresses they make their way into the crowd and eventually fight to the outside of the building. Towards the 8 minute mark they make their way back inside the building. They make their way in the ring and both men have steel chairs. They exchange blows which gets the crowd into the match.
ENDING : After exchanging blows to each other with the chair, both men go down. Raven is the first up and slides outside the ring. Raven grabs a chair and gets a chair and gets back in the ring and swings at Cactus. Cactus ducks and takes the chair. Cactus then hits Raven with the chair and goes for the DDT on Raven to the chair, but Raven reverses and hits a DDT of his own to Cactus onto the chair. Raven then pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and pounds on Cactus. After about 5 shots, Cactus begins to bleed. Alfonso calls for the bell, but Raven continues his bashing of Cactus. Finally, Raven stops and exits the ring with his hands held high, while Cactus slowly reaches his feet and stares with a smile at Raven.

WINNER : Raven at 10:57 (Raven leads series, 1-0)

JR – “By Gawd Tazz, what a hell of a way to start off TWA TV. My goodness, what about this challenge by Raven to Cactus.”

Tazz – “JR, I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years of wrestling. A Best of Five Hardcore Challenge! How are these two men gonna be able to brawl for five matches?”

JR –“Well it’s the first to three wins Tazz. Well folks, coming up later as we’ve said, Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle for the TWA Heavweight Title in the finals of the tournament. When we come back, Gene Okerlund will talk with Chris Jericho!”


:We come back on the air where we see Gene Okerlund standing backstage with Chris Jericho.

Gene –“Chris, it’s down to this. Tonight, you will go one on one with Kurt Angle for the TWA Heavyweight Title. It’s been a grueling tournament for you. Are you physically prepared for tonight’s match?”

Jericho – “Well Geno, tonight is the night for Chris Jericho. Tonight is the night that I capture the TWA Heavyweight Title. I mean, it’s only fitting for me to do that. I remember a few years back when I captured another title. I was the first guy to do that, and I will become the first ever, TWA Heavyweight Champion, tonight! Kurt Angle. What a complete jackass. Now, last week, I thought Flair was the jackass. Well it seems that Kurt actually played the jackass in Ric Flair’s commercial. (Crowd Laughs). I mean, they did look somewhat similar. But all jokes aside now. Kurt is no match for me Gene. I’ve beat Kurt many times in the past and tonight will be no different. Because the fans out there want a real champion. And that champion will be Chris Jericho tonight. No doubt about it Gene, I will become the TWA Heavyweight Champion tonight. And when that happens, everyone better watch out because this will be Chris Jericho’s world if that happens. And everyone knows that I am the king of my world. Gene, watch the match tonight and see me in action. It will definitely be history in the making. I will win the title!”

Gene –“Well guys, Chris Jericho looks very confident heading into the title match tonight.”

JR –“He sure does Gene. I can’t wait for that one. Well folks, coming up next, we will see a match between the two men who could have made it to the finals last week. Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair, NEXT!”


: We come back on the air as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring. Benoit looks determined and gets in the ring and awaits Flair.

: Flair’s music hits and out comes the Nature Boy. He slowly makes his way toward the ring and then gets face to face with Benoit as referee Charles Robinson rings the bell.

Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair
MATCH : Well this match obviously served a purpose.
ENDING : As soon the two men tie up to begin the match, Flair pokes Benoit in the eyes and then starts strutting. Flair turns around, and Benoit applies a small package and gets the quick victory. Flair gets up and goes nuts. The crowd is loving it. Benoit exits the ring and Flair starts kicking the ropes and almost hits referee Charles Robinson. Benoit actually cracks a smile.

WINNER - Chris Benoit in 0:31

JR –“Haha, The Nature was just beaten in a very short amount of time.”

Tazz – “That’s not right JR. Flair is a legend, he doesn’t deserve that.”

JR – “Well whether he deserves it or not, he just got beat in close to record time.”

: We cut to the back where we see Stone Cold Steve Austin heading to the ring looking to make his announcement concerning the first TWA PPV.

JR – “Here comes Austin, Tazz. It looks like we are about to get our announcement. Folks, don’t go away!”


:”Glass Shatters” and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin to an absolute deafening. He has a few beers in his hand. And gets in the ring and holds the finger up and begins to speak.

Austin –“What?(What!)What?(What!). Ok, now it’s time for Stone Cold (What!) Steve Austin (What!) to speak(What!) on the mic(What!) drink a few beers (What!) Now it’s time for my announcement. I’ve talked with a few people, Jack Lanza, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton. We’ve decided to hold the first ever TWA Pay-Per-View on June 19th, and we’ve decided to hold it right here in Dallas, Texas.(Huge Pop from the crowd) Now, that means right here in the good city of Dallas, we will see some great TWA action. If you think it’s gonna be a kickass show, GIMME A HELL YEAH! (Hell Yeah!) Sit back, and watch the damn championship match here in a little bit. Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, get your asses out here, you match is now! And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!”

JR –“June 19th Tazz, right here in Dallas, Texas. I bet most of these fans will be back for that one!”

Tazz – “I can’t wait JR!”

:Austin heads to the back and Booker T makes his way to the ring. The crowd boos him heavily because of his actions from last week which are shown on the video screen. Booker almost hits a fan, and then gets in the ring.

:”Latino Heat” hits and Eddie comes out to a huge ovation. Eddie looks angry and charges the ring as the match begins.

Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero
MATCH : Very intense match between these two. Starts off back and forth and continues that way for several minutes. The crowd favors Eddie greatly and Booker seems to get frustrated with the crowd after a little bit.
ENDING : Both men seem to get very frustrated and referee Teddy Long begins to have trouble containing these two. Booker goes to the outside to grab a chair after knocking Eddie to the ground with a Scissor Kick. Booker grabs the chair and Long tries to stop him and Booker hits Long with the chair! Booker then gets back in the ring and waits for Eddie to get up. Eddie gets up and Booker swings and misses and drops the chair. Both men then go for a clothesline and both men go down. The crowd begins to cheer loudly as we see someone running in from the crowd. IT’S ROB VAN DAM! RVD gets in the ring and stares at both men, then climbs the ropes. He gives Booker T a Frog Splash in which the crowd is still going crazy. RVD then looks down at Eddie and gets back on top and gives him a Frog Splash. Replacing referee Teddy Long, Bill Alfonso runs down and calls for a Double DQ. RVD then leaves the ring and heads back through the crowd.

WINNER – Double DQ at 9:15


Tazz – “Unbelieveable JR! RVD is here in the Texas Wrestling Alliance! I can’t believe this. He just took out Booker and Eddie.”

JR – “There is no doubt that RVD has made a statement here tonight on TWA TV. Oh my!”

: We cut to the parking lot where we see John Layfield sitting in the middle of the parking lot. Layfield looks around and then mumbles something. He then goes over and gets in his rental car and drives away.

JR –“Tazz, this Layfield is one confusing person.”

Tazz –“I have no idea what is going on with that man. What a weirdo.”

JR –“Well folks, all jokes aside, coming up next, history will be made here in the TWA. The first ever TWA Heavyweight Champion will be crowned. Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle for the title, NEXT!!!”


:We see Stone Cold in the back sitting with Jack Lanza as he begins to the watch his TV screen.

:”Medal” hits and out comes Kurt Angle. Angle looks very focused as he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He gives his medals to the ringside personnel and waits for Chris Jericho.

:Jericho’s music hits and out comes Chris Jericho to the delight of the fans in Dallas. He makes some gestures towards Angle and gets in the ring as referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell.

Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle – Finals TWA Heavyweight Title Tournament
MATCH : The crowd was into it early with very loud reactions to every Jericho offensive maneuver. Jericho controlled the match early and then Angle began to control after about 7 minutes of the match. Very back and forth match after that with no man really gaining a clear advantage. After about 10 minutes, when both men are down, Stone Cold comes down to the ring and grabs the belt and grabs a chair as he sits and watches the match.
ENDING : At around 15 minutes, Angle goes for the Olympic Slam but Jericho gets out of it and counters and gives Angle a Powerbomb. Jericho turns it into a double powerbomb and but Angle kicks out of the pin. Jericho then looks at the ropes and goes for the Lionsault but Angle moves out of the way. Both men stumble to their feet after being on the mat for a few seconds, and Angle gains an advantage. Angle irish whips him into the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex. Angle then locks on the Ankle Lock but Jericho makes it to the ropes. Jericho then gets up and gives Angle punches. The Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Angle reverses it back into the Ankle Lock. Jericho edges toward the ropes but then Angle pulls him away. Jericho tries to fight to the ropes again but can’t make it and he taps out to give Angle the win.

WINNER – Kurt Angle in 17:49

JR –“Well I’ll be damn, Tazz! Kurt Angle has actually not cheated to win this match and he is now the first champion in this organization’s history.”

Tazz –“Never underestimate Angle JR. He is a solid wrestler and my pick was correct. The right man is the champ.”

:After the match, Angle looks in amazement at himself and drops to his knees. He holds his hands up and then watches Jericho walk out of the ring. Stone Cold then makes his way in the ring with the belt and a mic as he watches Angle celebrate.

Austin –“Well well well. Kurt Angle. Since I am the owner of this company, I would like to officially congratulate you on your victory tonight over Chris Jericho. You have become the first champion in this company’s history. Here is your belt, and I also have something else for you.

:Angle takes the belt from Austin and then smiles as to his other surprise. Austin turns away and then smiles at Angle. Angle smiles back then his face goes pale as Austin gives him the finger and gives him the Stone Cold Stunner. The crowd goes crazy and Austin takes the belt and lays it over Kurt Angle’s chest.

JR –“STONE COLD! STONE COLD!!! He just stunned the first ever TWA Heavyweight Champion! Seems like a nice congratulations from the owner to the champ. Well folks, what a night it has been here on TWA TV as we have crowned the first ever champion Kurt Angle. Tune in next week for more exciting TWA action! Goodnight everyone!”

: The show goes off the air with Stone Cold drinking beer in the ring over Kurt Angle.


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this is a really good product. It makes me wonder whats gonna happen to JBL, and RVD actually made an impact. Keep using characters this well and WWE will go out of business :p

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TWA TV PREVIEW - Monday May 23, 2005

The first ever TWA Heavyweight Champion was crowned as Kurt Angle defeated Chris Jericho in the finals of the tournament. Angle was then given an unexpected suprise by owner Stone Cold Steve Austin, as Austin gave him the Stone Cold Stunner to end the show. What will the new champion have to say to the owner this week? Will he defend his title on the show? And what does Austin have in store for Mr. Angle?

Last week, Raven challenged Cactus Jack to a Best of Five Hardcore Series. Raven defeated Cactus in a First Blood Match to take the lead 1-0 in the series. What match will Raven choose this week? Can Cactus rebound and tie the series?

In a shocking move, Rob Van Dam jumped ship as he joined the TWA last week by making an impact on Booker T and Eddie Guerrero. What will Booker and Eddie have to say about Van Dam's attack on them?

John Layfield continues to confuse the fans of the TWA. Last week, he was shown in the parking lot sitting. What is the man up to? What exactly is going through his mind? Will he ever step foot in a TWA ring again?

Tune in to this week's show folks. It should be a great one.

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Well I just wanted to say that after I post the show tonight, I will be updating the roster page and will give a background story on each of the newer superstars to join the promotion. I will have the show up in a little bit. Thanks for all the feedback.

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TWA TV – Monday, May 23, 2005

SITE: Oklahoma City, OK

: The show comes on the air with highlights from the TWA Title tournament. It concludes with Kurt Angle making Chris Jericho tap out last week to conclude the tournament. It then shows Angle holding the belt up high as the show comes on the air.

JR – “Welcome everyone to TWA TV! Folks, last week’s show was without a doubt the most important show this company has had in its short existence. Kurt Angle captured the TWA Heavyweight Title to become the first title holder in this company’s history.”

Tazz – “Yeah JR. And afterwards, Austin came out and gave him a Stunner. What kind of owner is that?”

JR – “Well he’s the owner Tazz. It’s his show and he can do what he wants. Tonight, we will see Raven vs. Cactus Jack in the second match of the Best of Five Hardcore Series. Raven has informed TWA officials that tonight’s match will be a Tables Match. What a match that one should be!”

: “Medal” hits and out comes Kurt Angle with a smile on his face as he is carrying the TWA Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He slowly walks down the ramp and plays to the crowd. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic from the ring announcer. The crowd chants “You Suck” as he begins to speak.

Angle – “Ya know, if I suck, then why am I holding this title right now? I beat three guys to win this title. You don’t see Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, or Chris Jericho with this title do you? I didn’t think so. Now, I know what your all wanting to know. What am I going to say about Stone Cold Steve Austin stunnering me last week? I only have one thing to say. Thank you Steve. Thank you for giving me that stunner, because if you wouldn’t have gave me that stunner, I might have been so happy that I might have drank too much milk during my celebration last Monday night. I mean, we can’t have our champion drunk off of pure Vitamin C milk. Trust me folks, it can be done. Ya know, I’ve took stunners in the past, and that wasn’t my last one probably. I mean, Austin is just an old has-been anyways. He isn’t getting back in this ring anytime soon. Now, onto more important matters………..

:”Glass Shatters” and out comes the owner of the company to a huge ovation. Austin is smiling as he stands on the ramp with a mic in his hand as the crowd begins to chant “Austin, Austin, Austin.”

Austin – “Kurt, what in the hell are you talking about? You can’t get drunk off milk you stupid jackass!”

Angle – “Hold on there, Steve……..

Austin – “Shut up Kurt. This is my show, and you will not speak unless you are spoken to. I would come down there to that ring, but you might pee in your panties. Before you start calling me a has-been Kurt, let’s take a look back at last week. “

:A video package is shown of Austin giving Angle the stunner. Austin is laughing the entire time.

Austin – “Kurt, if I’m a has-been, then you’re a piece of ****! (Crowd Erupts) In case your forgetting son, I’m the owner of this company. I am the man that makes this happen. You would have never had a chance to win that damn title if it wasn’t for me. So if you want to keep talking just let me know.”

Angle –“Calm down Steve. I was just clearly stating that you aren’t wrestling anymore because you don’t have what it takes. Oh my bad, did I just say that? I didn’t mean it Steve.”

Austin – “Ok, Kurt. You obviously are drunk off something. Well since I am the owner of this company, that means I can do one thing I have done in the past. I am going to make your life a living hell! And guess what Kurt, it starts tonight. So Kurt, I have an interesting match for you tonight. Tonight will be a fun night for you, and well since you have your wrestling gear on right now, it’s about time to get this show started anyways. So Kurt, I deliver to you your first opponent of the night……..

Angle –“Hold on one second. What do you mean my “First” opponent of the night?”

Austin – “Well Kurt, in case you don’t understand, you have more than one match tonight. You will have two matches, and here is your first opponent. So Teddy Long, get your ass out here because its time for the first ever TWA Heavyweight Title Defense. Please welcome your first opponent, ROB VAN DAM!!!!!!!”

: The crowd goes absolutely nuts as “One of a Kind” hits and RVD makes his way down the ramp. He does the usual RVD taunts as Kurt Angle is going crazy inside the ring. RVD gets in the ring and the match begins.

©Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam – TWA Heavyweight Title
MATCH : RVD controls the match early as the crowd is really on his side, and looking for him to beat Angle. All in all, a great match. RVD has the advantage most of the contest with Kurt feeling unprepared for the match.
ENDING : RVD hits an Enziguri on Angle and knocks him down. RVD then goes up top for the Frog Splash but Angle quickly gets up and hits the Belly-to-Belly off the top rope which leaves both men down. Angle is the first up and he picks up RVD. RVD reverses the Olympic Slam but RVD counters out, and goes off the topes and hits a kick to the face. RVD then goes up top again and goes for the Frog Splash, but Angle moves. Angle and RVD get up at the same time and RVD runs toward Angle, but Angle ducks under and rolls up RVD and has a hand full of tights as Teddy Long counts the three. Afterwards, Angle quickly gets out of the ring and grabs his title and runs into the back as RVD looks upset.

WINNER – Kurt Angle retains the TWA Heavyweight Title in 10:01

JR – “By gawd Tazz, that damn Kurt Angle has just cheated to retain the belt. What a damn shame for RVD!”

Tazz – “Well JR, it’s win at any costs. This is the TWA Heavyweight Title we are talking about here.”

JR –“Yeah but it’s not right. Well, it seems as if Kurt Angle is not done for the night. He will be in action later against another opponent Tazz.”


:We come back on the air where we see RVD walking into the back to the locker room. He is suddenly attacked by Booker T. Booker continues to beat on him and then grabs a chair and hits him in the head. Officials Jack Lanza and Arn Anderson break the two up and pull Booker away. RVD is left down as Booker walks away smiling.

JR – “That damn Booker T. RVD just got finished with a title match against Kurt Angle, and then he gets attacked by that man.”

Tazz –“Well JR, that’s what he gets for interfering last week.”

JR – “We get to see that coward Booker T tonight as he will team with Ric Flair to take on Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho. That will be coming up in a little bit. But right now folks, Raven and Cactus Jack, round two.”

:”Bang Bang” hits and out comes Cactus Jack with a patch on his forehead after the beating from Raven last week. Cactus gets in the ring and stares at the tables on the outside of the ring. He then awaits Raven.

:Raven’s music hits and there is no sign on Raven. We then see Raven coming from the crowd as he attacks Cactus to get he advantage as the match begins.

Raven vs. Cactus Jack – Tables Match Hardcore Best of Five Challenge
MATCH – Very intense match again, as the two went back and forth and in the end both men are gushing blood. Cactus gets hit by Raven with a metal pipe in the head which causes his cut to open once again. Raven gets DDT’ed by Cactus on a Trash Can which cause him to bleed.
ENDING – Both men are fighting inside the ring and Raven gets an advantage and hits a DDT on Cactus and then grabs a table. Raven sets two tables side by side and puts Cactus on there. Raven then goes to the top rope and gets ready to deliver an elbow, but Cactus moves and Raven steps down before he jumps. Cactus grabs the barbed wire bat and nails Raven with it and then begins smiling. Cactus then goes under the ring and grabs a black bag. Cactus brings the bag inside and pours a ton of thumbtacks on the two tables sitting side by side. Cactus goes to the top rope and grabs Raven before doing so. Jack puts Raven on the top and suplexes him off the top rope through the tables and tacks. Cactus wins the match as Raven is yelling loudly in the ring, with many tacks in his body. Cactus gives the bang bang sign and exits the ring.

WINNER – Cactus Jack ties the series, 1-1, in 9:36

JR –“What an intense match Tazz. My goodness. How are these two men going to continue in this challenge. It’s only been two matches and they are completely exhausted.”

Tazz – “Raven has tacks in his body JR. How can a man continue under these conditions?”

JR – “I guess we will find out next week what kind of match Cactus Jack will choose. Heck these two might not be able to continue next week.”

:We cut to the back where we see John Layfield sitting in a chair watching a television set. Then, we see Ron Simmons come into the picture.

Simmons – “John, what the hell is going on with you man. These last two weeks I’ve seen you do some crazy things. What is going on in that small brain of yours?

:Layfield continues to stare at the television with a blank stare.

Simmons – “Talk to me man! What the hell is going on?”

: Layfield looks at Simmons and then looks back at the television.

Simmons – “Ok, I don’t know what your damn problem is, but I’m gonna figure it out. You just wait. I’m gonna figure it out.”

: Simmons walks off as Layfield cracks an evil looking smile and gets up and walks out of the picture.


: We come back on the air where we see a limo pull into the arena. Then we see John Layfield enter the picture as he gets in the limo but the limo stays in the parking lot.

JR –“Tazz, what in the hell is going on with this man?”

Tazz- “I have no clue JR. He is a walking mystery.”

: Jericho’s music hits and out comes Chris Jericho along with Eddie Guerrero. They get a great reaction from the fans. They walk down and get in the ring and await their opponents.

:Flair’s theme hits and out comes Ric Flair to a somewhat mixed reaction. He struts down the ramp and waits on the outside for his partner, Booker T.

:”Can you dig it Sucka” hits and out comes Booker T. Booker lets the pyros go off as he walks down and talks with Ric Flair before the two get in the ring to begin the tag match.

Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero vs. Ric Flair and Booker T
MATCH : Very good tag team match as this was the first tag match in TWA history. Flair and Booker made for some good comedy in the match as well. Jericho and Eddie controlled most of the match but towards the end, it became back and forth.
ENDING : Well, after all four men fight in the ring for a while with referee Bill Alfonso trying to gain control of the match, Flair and Jericho fight to the outside which leaves Eddie and Booker on the inside of the ring. The two fight back and forth and then Alfonso gets in the way and gets knocked down by Eddie. Booker then gives Eddie the Book End as Jericho and Flair are fighting in the crowd. Then, we see RVD coming from the back with a chair. RVD gets in and hits the Van Daminator on Booker as the crowd goes crazy. Van Dam then puts Eddie over Booker and Alfonso gets to his feet. Alfonso then counts the 1-2-3. Afterwards, Eddie gets up and celebrates as he stares at RVD who is standing on the ramp.

WINNERS – Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero in 8:58

JR – “Wow, what a tag team match Tazz. RVD gets a little payback on Booker T after what happened earlier tonight.

Tazz – “I would say Booker and RVD are far from finished JR!”

: We cut to the back where we see Kurt Angle heading to the ring. He is stopped by Gene Okerlund.

Gene – “Kurt. Hold on one second. Let me…………

Angle – “Gene, I don’t want to talk to you right now. I don’t want to talk to anybody. It’s bad enough I have to defend my title twice in one night. I mean, what kind of way is that to treat the first ever TWA Heavyweight Champion? It’s just not right. So Gene, I’m going out there again right now, and proving that I am a true champion. I don’t care who I’m facing.

: We see Chris Benoit walk by and stop and smiles.

Angle – “What are you smiling at Benoit?”

Benoit –“Oh nothing Kurt. Just remember that smile when I take that title from you here in a few minutes.”

Angle – “Oh so you’re my opponent. Well jeez, that’s good to know. I thought I was actually going to have a match out there.”

Benoit – “That’s funny Kurt. You better hold that title tight, because Stone Cold just informed me that this will be a different type of match. It will be a Ladder Match for the title. So I’ll see you out there shortly Kurt. Good luck.

:Benoit walks off as Angle has a shocked look on his face as he stares at his title as we go to commercial.


: We come back on the air where we see John Layfield exit the limo in which he was in earlier. He then gets in his rental car and leaves the arena.

: “Whatever” hits and out comes Chris Benoit to a huge ovation. Benoit looks determined as usually and heads down the ramp and gets in the ring.

: “Medal” hits and out comes the champion, Kurt Angle. He looks very upset as he stares at his title and referee Charles Robinson gets out of the ring and grabs the belt from him. Angle starts whining as he stares at the ladder on the outside of the ring. Angle slowly gets in the ring as Robinson rings the bell.

©Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit – Ladder Match TWA Heavyweight Title
MATCH : An excellent match from start to finish. Many ladder spots throughout the match with Benoit and Angle both falling from the ladder to the outside during one spot. Without a doubt, the best match seen on TWA TV so far in the history of the company. The crowd was really into the match which made it even better.
ENDING : Benoit and Angle are fighting back and forth and Angle gains the advantage and hits a belly to belly suplex. Angle then goes for the ladder, but Benoit hits the German Suplex onto another ladder. Holy Shit chants from the crowd begin. Benoit then slowly gets up and he slowly makes it up the ladder. This gives Angle time to get up and he drags Benoit down. They throw punches and Angle hits a clothesline to Benoit that sends him down. Chris Jericho comes running down the ramp and grabs a chair. He gets in the ring and swings at Angle but misses and nails Benoit hard. Angle then gives Jericho the Olympic Slam. Angle then sets up the ladder and climbs it for the victory.

WINNER – Kurt Angle retains in 16:12

JR – “WOW, what a match Tazz. I hate to see it end the way it did though. There is no doubt in my mind that Jericho did not intend to hit Benoit with that chair. It’s just a damn shame cause Benoit had the title won.”

Tazz- “Whether he meant to or not JR, Jericho just cost Benoit the TWA Heavyweight Championship. I wonder how Benoit feels about this one.”

JR – “Well another great night of TWA action folks, we will see you next week. Goodnight!”

: We see Angle on the ramp celebrating as Jericho looking upset in the ring looking over Benoit.


Also, I know my shows are kind of short at the moment, but I am currently in the process of getting some help.
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