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JR:Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night RAW!WE're live from Nasseau collesum and tonight we have a spectacular show for you ladies and gentlemen, tonight Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to RAW to confront the Rock!
King:Also tonight is the return match for Trish Stratus and A Hardcore Rules tag team match between Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow versus RVD and Kane!
JR:And in our main event tonight, BookerT, the man who won the 20-man Over the Top Rope battle royal last week will face the former challenger to the World title, Scott Steiner!
King:Its going to be a huge night both for BookerT and Stone Cold!

The Rock's enterance starts
Rock comes out to HUGE heat

Rock enters the ring and looks around with a grin on his face.
Rock grabs for a mic.he lifts it to his mouth only to be booed.Rock steps back a few times and looks around the arena.he smiles and points at the crowd a few times.
Rock:Finally the Rock Has Come BAaaaaaaaaaaa ah shut the hell up.yea yea yea the Rock is here in New York!New York.Home of the skyScraper Hicks!Ah the Rock is feelin good now that hes here in New york.But the Rock has got a few problems.First off, the Rock will start with you people.The Rock is gonna take everyone on a little time warp.No Not that time warp you dancin freaks!the Rock means back to last year.back before the Rock had to go make millions of dollars.back to when the rock was undisputed champ!the Rock's talking about SummerSlam 2002 for all you losers out there that have snorted too much of that crack rock!you people actually wanted to boo the Rock?Boo the Rock?Well the Rock says this:the Rock will let you boo him.yea go ahead and boo the Rock.Boo the Rock to kingdom come.Because when it comes right down to it, the Rock doesnt give a flying monkey crap if you boo him or not!(crowd continues to boo)yea the Rock has mind power over you people.But thats enough about the Rock being hugely superior over all of you people, the Rock wants to move onto a bigger subject:Stone Cold Steve Austin(huge Austin chant breaks out)You see Austin, the Rock is back and the Rock doesnt like what he sees.THe Rock doesnt like the fact that your bald headed, country breaded, beer drinkin, rear stinkin ass took the Rock's award at the RAW X awards show.That Award was the Rock's award and everyone knows it.You know it, I know it, hell even Vince McMahon knows it, thats why he let me come to RAW! See me and Vince have come to the understanding that the people cant be trusted for anything!not for picking a president, not for choosing an American Idol, yea the Rock thinks that fuzzy headed dude should have won, and definately not the RAW wrestler of the decade!So Austin, i want you to wobble your texas ass out here and hand the Rock his award!oh Youre not going to come out here are you?See the Rock figured you werent going to walk out here and thats why the Rock will be waiting for you in the parking lot.
Rock goes to leave but stops and turns around.
Rock:IF Ya SMELLLLLLLLLLLALALA whoa whoa whoa whoa!tHe Rock has to remind everyone about the little rule the Rock made?the rule about no sing alongs?you want to boo the Rock and make fun of the Rock?well the Rock says that only the Rock says this:what the Rock....(looks around)Is Cookin'
Rock throws the mic and walks back up the ramp looking at the crowd.
JR:well the Rock has made his presence felt and has laid down the challenge to stone Cold steve Austin-he'll be waiting in the parking lot!
king:this cant be good.the two biggest superstars in the WWE are headed on a collision course tongith on RAW!

Bischoff appears on camera.
Bischoff:eek:k, Chief, you and 3Minute Warning go to the parking lot with the Rock and drag Austin's carcass to the ring, i want to confront him face to face.
Chief:right away mr.Bischoff, but mr Bischoff ive got a problem. you see its those damn dudleyz.last week they interfered in my match with Lawler after you outright suspended them.i think that further action be taken, mr Bischoff due to their violation.i think that you should fire the DudleyZ!
Bischoff:you know what, chief, ill do you one better, i think we should have a match tonight to see if the Dudleyz will stay on the RAW roster.lets have ourselves a 4 way tag team ellimination match with the dudleyz against 3MinuteWarning, Lance Storm and Regal, and you and whomever you choose as your partner.if anyone but the Dudleyz win, they're fired!

MATCH 1:Trish and Jacqueline versus Victoria and Jazz
Trish returns and we have ourselves a good womens match with a few high spots.crowd kinda dead though.victoria puts Jacqueline in widows peak while Jazz puts TRish in STF.both pin at the same time but ref only counts Jazz's fall.victoria is upset.Jazz tells her to get over it and pushes her out the way to get to Jackie.Victoria pulls her but Jazz then clotheslines her.Jazz puts her in the chicken Wing put Trish dropkicks her.Molly Holly comes out and starts beating on Jazz with Trish.Victoria drops molly then drops Trish.Jazz gets back up and the two staredown again with Stevie ulling Victoria away.


Rock talking to his baby in the parking lot:rock says some stuff about whooping Austin down if he doesnt give him that award and Bischoff sending the two guerrilas and fruit bird to the parking lot with the great One.Rock then has a beep and switches over.the Rock's eyes get big.Rock says You sunofvabitch and looks at his phone.Rico asks the Rock if theres a problem.Rock says yes theres a problem you rainbow dodo!Austin is already in the building!

MATCH 2:RVD/Kane v.Al Snow/Dreamer in a hardcore rules tag team match. Good match with lots of high spots.crowd into in with RVD.RVD hits Van DAminator in Al Snow.Dreamer smashes Kane with a stop sign, knocking him down.snow is down and RVD goes for 5 star, kane is pushed by dreamer towards RVD and RVD jumps on Kane when snow rolls out of the way.Dreamer smashes RVD with kendo stick and pins for the win.Kane gets up and checks on RVD.RVD gets up and brushes away Kane.Kane grabs RVD as he goes to leave.RVD knocks his hand away.Kane then grabs RVD by the throat!Kane lets go and RVD rolls out of the ring.Kane goes to the back with his head down.

Mirror shows BookerT getting ready for his match.Steiner comes in and says that their match tonight is Bullsh*t.Booker agrees but says theyve got no choice.steiner says he hopes evolution comes out so they can see what happens when they mess with FreakZilla!Booker says he wants HHH's punk ass to show up so he can slap the taste outta his mouth.steiner agrees and says he hopes HHH can dig that.Booker does the infamous SUCCCCCKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAA and camera does a close up of his eyes.


Christian makes his way out.then Jeff Hardy
MATCH 3:Jeff Hardy versus Christian.
christian gets the win after a roll up.crowd gives Hardy some support and Christian some heat.Hardy stomps his legs and still looks conflicted but then looks to the crowd and manages a smile.as Christian goes up the ramp, Test clotheslines him from behind.Test then beats Christian for a little while until Hardy tells Test to stop.Hardy then picks Christian up and then pushes him off the stage!Hardy does a wicked smile then leaves.test and Stacy are shocked.

Test and Stacy go to the ring.Jericho comes out.
MATCH 4:Test versus Jericho.
Jericho gets heat.Test lets all his anger on Jericho but Jericho keeps away and does have some offense.jericho then tries to do a superkick only for it to be blocked by Test and the test drive for the win!stacy throws Test a chair.Test almost hits Jericho but Christian pulls him out of the ring.christian and Jericho walk up the ramp but HBK comes out and superkicks Jericho!test then nails Christian with a chair.Stacy then kicks Jericho and Christian.Michales says thats how you do it,son.

tHe Rock storms into Bischoff's office and tells Bischoff that Austin is already in the building!Bischoff calls some security to look for Austin.the Rock says he has a better idea and decides that he's gonna call Austin out again in the ring!


MATCH 5;Rodney Mack w/Teddy Long v.Maven
Maven got a semi-pop and Rodney got almost no heat right away.
Rodney carried this match and gained the victory.Long then got on the mic and says that last week Rodney Mack got thrown out of the 20 man battle royal but none other then the Man!the Man couldnt handle a strong black man like Rodney Mack facing the white world Champion at the white Man's Wrestlemania.Long says that is sad and New york needs to Back the Mack!Long says it over and over and they leave.

JR:Well ladies and gentlemen, still to come tonight is the match of BookerT versus Scott Steiner.
King:dont forget about the Rock coming out here to call out stone Cold!
JR:in addition to the Rock challenging stone Cold again, is the 4 way tag team match up next!


RVD is seen packing his stuff.Kane comes up and says he's sorry that he grabbed RVD like he did but sometimes he just gets angry for no reason.RVD says everythings cool but says it with a held back tone like he has more to say but doesnt.RVD grabs his bag and walks out the door.Kane looks after him.a voice then says Kane, i know you can tell what's bothering RVD but you wont admit it.you cant let this charade go any farther and it needs to stop before someone gets hurt.Kane says hes not sure about what he has to do.a hand then is on his shoulder.camera pans up to Sean O Haire.Sean says it has to be done and He's not telling Kane anything he doesnt already know.Sean smiles wickedly.

storm and Regal come out.then 3 Minute Warning.then Cheif Morley with his partner, Rico.the Dudleyz then come out.

MATCH 6:the dudleyz v.3Minute Warning and Regal/Storm/Morley
DVon pins Jamal.DVon then pins Rosie and Rico at the same time after a huge 3D.Morley then pins DVon.3MW then beats on Dvon outside the ring.Spike pins Regal with a Dudley Dog to be caught in a sharpshooter by Storm.Spike almost taps but Bubba saves him.bubba does the Bionic elbow and press slams spike on Storm/Morley distracts Bubba for storm to pin Spike.bubba is then ovetaken by 3MW and Regal/storm/Morley. the match end in a DQ in favor of the dudleyz.

eVolution is seen in the locker room.Flair says how Booker knocked Orton back to 85% last week.HHH then says that Batista pulled a muscle when he was beating on Steiner.Flair says its not looking good for the champ if orton and Batista cant have his back.Flair says he might be able to throw something together but he's not making any promises.HHH says Flair better solve this before Wrestlemania because Booker is looking for gold to avenge his Golden Fried friend.

Test and Stacy argue about the whole Girls Gone Wild thing last week.Stacy says shes got something to take Test's mind off the GGW girls as he's got a photo shoot for Levi's.

Jericho is throwing another fit in his locker room about Micheals superkicking him earlier.Christian says it cant be good for the jaw and complains about Hardy throwing him off the stage then Test hitting him with the chair.Jericho says that next week, he'll prove to Michaels that he has what it takes to be the next world Heavyweight champion!

JR: up next, number one contender Booker T goes toe to toe with Scott Steiner!


Bischoff tells Morley that they didnt win the match so the Dudleyz arent fired but still suspended.Morley is angry.Bischoff says that after the Steiner/Booker match, Rock is calling out Austin!

MATCH 7:Booker T versus Scott Steiner
Booker carries this match of course but Steiner does look good considering he only does a few chest chops, a powerslam, 3 suplexes, a powerbomb and a headlock.Booker does the spinarooni and the BookEnd.Flair runs out and hits Booker.Booker throws Flair out of the ring.Batista then shows up from behind and sidewalk slams Booker with one arm!steiner is up and knocks Batista out of the ring.steiner threatens from the ropes as HHH is at top of the ramp with Flair and batista.Booker shakes Steiner's hand and threatens HHH from the top ropes and sginals 6 time world champion.


Rock makes his way out again.rock jumps on the mic and says this is the last time he's going to call out Austin.Rock waits and says how he's the most electrifying, and other funny stuff.Rock then says he'll go back there and drag Austin out...
Stone Cold Steve Austin struts out to the top of the ramp.Crowd pops huge and the Rock is dumbfounded.Austin chant loud and rampant when stone Cold gets in the ring.Stone Cold gets right in the Rock's face and the Rock backs off and gets out of the ring.stone Cold poses on all 4 ring posts for huge pops.Austin grabs a mic and Rock re-enters the ring.
Austin says that he's back on RAW and glad to be.he says that he's got nothing but love for everyone out there but none for the Rock.Austin says he walked out because of problems with the company and the Rock walked out to make money.Austin thinks the Rock is a sell out and shouldnt be the RAW wrestler of the decade as RAW is AUSTIN!Rock says it doesnt matter what stone Cold thinks and he wants the award so he can shove it up the people's ass!Austin says he's got no problem giving the Rock the award but he wants to give it to him in Stone cold's form---2 Birds to the Rock's face.Rock says Stone Cold can raise his hands and stick fingers but the bottom line says the Rock deserves that award and the Rock wants that award.stone Cold says the Rock can have the award, only if the Rock keeps Stone Cold busy for a little while.Rock asks what the hell does that mean and stone Cold says keep Austin busy at Wrestlemania!Crowd huge pop again.Rock says he wouldnt want it any other way and for stone Cold to watch his back---literally.3MW jumps Austin from behind.they beat on sTone Cold for a little while, but when Rosie goes for the top rope splash, Stone cold gets up and throws Rico out of the ring!he then Stomps Jamal.Rosie pulls him back but then stone Cold Stuns Rosie!Rock gets stone Cold in the Rock Bottom but Austin reverses for the SC Stunner!Austin then stuns jamal!Austin clears the ring.Rock talks trash all the way back up the ramp.Austin calls for his beers and poses in the corners, pointing at the Rock.

eND of Show.

well the real RAW for 3/3/03(weird huh) is only an hour away but i think this was a good one anyway.let me know.
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