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“Are we on?” The camera pans onto my face as I sit behind my newly acquired desk at WWE headquarters.

“We’re live Mr Styles.” Comes the camera crew’s reply

Clearing my throat I prepare myself for a speech that will revolutionise the business.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman for the draft of the new WWE. I am Adrian Styles the new owner and CEO of World wrestling entertainment. After much deliberation I have decided that the WWE needs a major shake up. So tonight before the years first Raw Event we will have a draft to determine which superstars will be on Raw and on Smackdown. Also all Titles have been vacated and each show will be assigned belts via a lottery process.”

“After this process is finished, tournaments will be set up to determine who will become the holder of each individual title. Please take into account that the Women’s Division will be exclusively on Raw and the Cruiserweight title exclusive to Smackdown.”

“Now On with our draft, which will be conducted as follows, a wrestler will be picked, each odd pick will head to Raw with the even picks being sent to Smackdown.”

The camera pans back from my face to reveal a balloting machine ready to be used in creating my new era of WWE.

“Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time for the future.” With that statement I make the first pick.

“Rosie – will be heading to Raw.”
“Visera – Smackdown.”
“John Cena – Raw.”
“Charlie Haas – Smackdown.”
“RVD – Raw.”
“Akio – Smackdown.”
“Orlando Jordan – Raw.”
“Chris Jericho – Smackdown.”
“Candice Michelle – Raw.”
“Hardcore Holly – Smackdown.”
“Dawn Marie – Raw.”
“X-pac – Smackdown.”
“Doug Bashem – Raw”
“Spike Dudley – Smackdown.”
“Undertaker – Raw.”
“Shannon Moore – Smackdown.”
“Danny Bashem – Raw.”
“Mark Henry – Smackdown.”
“Triple H – Raw.”
“Lance Storm – Smackdown.”
“Brock Lesner – Raw.”
“Shawn Micheals – Smackdown.”
“Mark Jindrak – Raw.”
“Scott Steiner – Smackdown.”
“Joy Giovanni – Raw.”
“Matt Hardy – Smackdown.”
“Victoria – Raw.”
“D-von Dudley – Smackdown.”
“Rochelle – Raw.”
“Mick Foley – Smackdown.”
“Miss Jackie – Raw.”
“Jeff Hardy – Smackdown.”
“Kevin Nash – Raw.”
“Funaki – Smackdown.”
“Luther Reigns – Raw."
“Kane – Smackdown.”
“Maven – Raw.”
"Farooq - Smackdown."
“Trish Stratus – Raw.”
“Christian – Smackdown.”
“Christy Hemme – Raw.”
“Scott Hall – Smackdown.”
“Batista – Raw.”
“Chavo Guerrero – Smackdown.”
“The Rock – Raw.”
“Big Show – Smackdown.”
“Carlito – Raw.”
“Chris Benoit – Smackdown.”
“Simon Dean – Raw.”
“Val Venis – Smackdown.”
“Shelton Benjamin – Raw.”
“Edge – Smackdown.”
“Tyson Tomko – Raw.”
“Scotty 2 Hottie – Smackdown.”
“Stone Cold – Raw.”
“The Hurricane – Smackdown.”
“Michelle McCool – Raw.”
“Sylvian Grenier – Smackdown.”
“Stacey Keibler – Raw.”
“Rene Dupree – Smackdown.”
“Garrison Cade – Raw.”
“Booker T – Smackdown.”
“JBL – Raw.”
“Eddie Guerrero – Smackdown.”
“Kurt Angle – Raw.”
“Al Snow – Smackdown.”
“Ivory – Raw.”
“Joey Mercury – Smackdown"
“Steven Richards – Raw.”
“Kenzo Suzuki – Smackdown.”
“Torrie Wilson – Raw.”
“Nunzio – Smackdown.”
“Eugene – Raw.”
“Chris Masters – Smackdown.”
“Daivari – Raw.”
“Rey Mysterio – Smackdown.”
“Test – Raw.”
“Johnny Nitro – Smackdown.”
“Maria – Raw.”
“Paul London – Smackdown.”
“Lita – Raw.”
“Tajiri – Smackdown.”
“Randy Orton – Raw.”
“Billy Kidman – Smackdown.”
“Albert – Raw.”
“Bubba Ray Dudley – Smackdown.”
“Heidenreich – Raw.”
“William Regal – Smackdown.”
“Gene Snitsky – Raw.”
“Goldberg – Smackdown.”
“Rob Conway – Raw.”
“Hulk Hogan – Smackdown.”
“Muhammed Hassan – Raw.”
“Ric Flair – Smackdown.”

That concludes our superstar draft. Here is how our roster now looks.

Rob Conway, Gene Snitsky, Heidenreich, Albert, Randy Orton, Lita, Maria, Test, Eugene, Torrie Wilson, Steven Richards, Ivory, Kurt Angle, JBL, Garrison Cade, Stacey Keibler, Michelle McCool, Stone Cold, Tyson Tomko, Shelton Benjamin, Simon Dean, Carlito, The Rock, Batista, Christy Hemme, Trish Stratus, Maven, Luther Reigns, Kevin Nash, Miss Jackie, Rochelle, Victoria, Joy Giovanni, Mark Jindrak, Brock Lesner, HHH, Danny Bashem, Undertaker, Doug Bashem, Dawn Marie, Candice Michelle, Orlando Jordan, RVD, John Cena, Rosie.

Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, William Regal, Bubba Ray Dudley, Billy Kidman, Tajiri, Paul London, Johnny Nitro, Daivari, Nunzio, Kenzo Suzuki, Joey Mercury, Al Snow, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Rene Dupree, Sylvian Grenier, The Hurricane, Scotty 2 Hotty, Edge, Val Venis, Chris Benoit, The Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Scott Hall, Christian, Muhammed Hassan, Kane, Funaki, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, D-von Dudley, Matt Hardy, Scott Steiner, Shawn Michaels, Lance Storm, Mark Henry, Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley, X-pac, Hardcore Holly, Chris Jericho, Akio, Charlie Hass, Visera Chris Masters, Ric Flair, Farooq.

“The Announce teams and General Managers for each brand will now be decided.”

“The General Manager for Raw will be, Theodore Long, this means our Smackdown GM is now Eric Bischoff.”

“Raw’s Ring announcer will be, Lillian Garcia, this means that Howard Finkel will head to Smackdown.”

“The Interviewer for Raw will be, The Coach, meaning Josh Matthews will take the role on Smackdown.”

“Our Commentary teams will be left as they are, so JR and The King on Raw with Micheal Cole and Tazz on Smackdown.”

“Now to the little matter of deciding which titles go where. We know so far that Raw has the Women’s and Smackdown the Cruiser. Raw Will Also get the World Heavyweight title, meaning Smackdown receives the WWE Championship,”

“Raw will also receive the WWE Tag Team Championship, meaning Smackdown gets the World Tag Team Titles,”

“Last but not least, Raw gains the United States Title, with the Intercontinental Championship going to Smackdown.”

“You may remember that I said each Title was to be vacated, well over the next couple of weeks, before this years Royal Rumble, (which this year will be a special 4 hour event) a series of Tournaments will determine who will go to this PPV and fight for the Championships.

On Raw, the matches for the Womens title are as follows.

Trish Stratus VS Lita
Ivory VS Victoria
Miss Jackie VS Christy Hemme
Torrie Wilson VS Stacey Keibler

For the World Heavyweight title

JBL VS The Rock
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin VS Randy Orton
Kurt Angle VS HHH
The Undertaker VS Brock Lesner

For the US Title

Tyson Tomko VS Carlito ‘CC’
Shelton Benjamin VS Orlando Jordan,
Batista VS Kevin Nash
RVD VS John Cena

The Tag Belts will be decided with these matches

Test and Albert (T ‘n’ A) VS Heidenreich and Gene Snitsky
Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak VS The Bashams
Maven and Simon Dean VS Hassan and Davairi
Eugene and Rosie VS Steven Richards and Garrison Cade

Now for Smackdown the cruiserweight title will be decided with these matches

X-Pac VS Spike Dudley
Tajiri VS Billy Kidman
Nunzio VS Chavo Guerrero
The Hurricane vs Shannon Moore

WWE Title

The Big Show VS Shawn Michaels
Eddie Guerrero VS Hulk Hogan
Chris Jericho VS Booker T
Chris Benoit VS Goldberg
Edge VS Kane
Scott Steiner VS Christian

Intercontinental Championship

Rey Mysterio VS Scott Hall
Val Venis VS Visera
Charlie Haas VS Chris Masters
William Regal VS Ric Flair

World Tag Titles

The Hardy Boyz VS Akio and Funaki
Mick Foley and Al Snow VS MNM
The Dudley’s VS LA Resitance
Paul London and Scotty 2 Hotty VS Lance Storm and Rob Conway.

This concludes the beginning of our new era at WWE Please tune in tomorrow night for a very special Monday night RAW

I'll hopefully have the first edition of Raw up sometime either later today or tomorrow with Smackdown following shortly thereafter. This is my first attempt at something like this so any advice/critiscm is more than welcome. Thank you.
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